When is a consultation not a consultation?

So here we are looking to develop meaningful conversation with your local authority regarding the latest plans and developments for our region.

Looking to be involved, to help, to contribute.

We are looking to help promote the town and surrounding villages, looking to support businesses who are the lifeblood of our community, and yet, when plans are afoot and meetings are being held we were sent an impersonal online Survey by the Council on “Budget Consultation 2017-18.” which has since closed and is now unavailable to view.

Now we have been involved in consultations before – and this really doesn’t feel like a consultation, rather it feels very much like another example of our dearly loved local council ticking a box and going through the motions.

We are intelligent people (well most of us!)  And we would love the opportunity to be properly consulted – wouldn’t you?

We want the opportunity to sit across a table to hear from our councillors and have the opportunity to learn the why behind the what, to understand why plans have been drawn up, so we can ask questions and hopefully come to an agreement with the council where we can all promote the plans and work together to make our town the best possible place to live, to visit and to do business.

Come on Teignbridge – let’s consult – properly consult….

If you care about our town join us in our quest to further the opportunities for all our business – Join us at www.newtonabbotchamber.co.uk

After all Business is better together

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