Networking for Small Businesses

With smaller businesses, as with larger businesses, networking is important in growing contacts and your business. However, talking to as many different people as you can might not be the best way to go about it. Focusing on making connections that are strategic and informed will benefit you will greatly bolster your growing business.

Never underestimate word of mouth marketing, people being your biggest promoter over a service or product so making those connections really matter.

Be Tactical About the Events You Attend

Choose carefully your networking events, don’t just go to every one going, find the most relevant and benefiting to your business. The Newton Abbot Chamber’s breakfasts and lunches are great places to meet and see how your business can grow.

Quality over Quantity

It’s easy to give in to the temptation to give and receive as many business cards as possible; make two or three personal connections that can really benefit you.

Be Personal

Make an effort by really connecting with others, ask relevant questions and give appropriate responses. Be memorable by leaving people with a good impression who they want to do business with.

Don’t Assume

We all know what assuming does! Don’t overlook people – give them a chance to see whether their business could be relevant to yours.

‘Undercover Seller’

It would be easy to just go in for the hard sell, try building up your relationships that sales come naturally from flowing conversation rather than a disconnected salesperson.

Carry On After the Initial Conversation

Don’t just leave the conversation at the networking meeting; always follow up while it’s still fresh to continue the relationship and future sales.

Grow from Strength to Strength

After a time of getting your feet under the table with one or more networking events, build your own network to capitalise on existing relationships, expanding the network to something more targeted for your business.


Get more out of your networking events and your own business by making an effort, being positive and building relationships.

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