Fear of Public Speaking Tips

Glossophobia; the fear of public speaking is considered one of the biggest fears that people generally face. Sadly for a lot of people who suffer from speech anxiety, it is virtually impossible to find the success you’re looking for by avoiding speaking in public. Confronting your fears has consistently been the method in which to overcome these hurdles.

Have a look below at these helpful pointers to assist you in succeeding despite your fear.

  1. Put Yourself Forward
    Volunteering to speak seems like the furthest thing you should be doing, although setting yourself up to speak puts the power of the situation directly in your hands. Setting yourself a goal by taking the initiative also leads you to have more practice simply by doing it.
  2. Preparation
    Practice is vital to your performance. ‘Winging it’ isn’t the best option if you struggle with being in front of a crowd, and there isn’t such a thing as being over prepared. Make sure you know what you’re going to say, and bring notes to jog your memory. Most importantly: relax.
  3. Be Ignorant but don’t be Ignorant
    The fear of speaking in front of people comes from the expected reactions of the audience. This is where you shouldn’t get distracted by their reaction; people are very difficult to read. Studies show that people who can’t see their audience properly perform better than when you can so ignore them! Of course, don’t be ignorant to your listeners as the bored looking gentleman might be absolutely riveted by your talk and becomes a great networking opportunity.
  4. Hydrate
    Practically if you do get nervous, there can be a tendency for your throat to dry so keep water with you to drink before and sip during. Don’t go for sugary drinks as they have the opposite effect.
  5. Breathe
    Sounds like teaching granny to suck eggs but just as trainers remind their trainees as they go through their workout to breathe, you must also remember to keep yourself steady and calm or the consequences will be worse than a fear of public speaking!
  6. Be Personal
    To connect with people relationally you’ve got to be personal; humanise yourself. Use examples from your life that are relatable and engageable so your listeners will be more interested in your topic and you. By sharing examples using yourself people will get to know you too.
  7. Do Memorable Beginnings and Endings
    How you start and how you end are the most remembered parts of your talk and how you presented. Make a good strong first impression and leave them interested in your talk.

This isn’t a complete list of helping tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking but the opportunites that present themselves after putting yourself out there can be worth the effort you put in.

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