What’s in a Name?


At the networking breakfasts, lunches, meetings and the plethora of events that business professionals as yourself go to each year you meet many different kinds of people. As we know, building relationships with the people you meet can be of vital importance to furthering your business and it can be slow to develop lasting connections that really benefit both parties and relationships are built upon mutual appreciation.

Memory can be a beautiful thing and as networkers, we can all have moments in the early days of connections of remembering somebody’s name. Forgetting somebody’s name is a sure way to start off on the wrong foot so here are some tips to help you build and keep those relationships.

  • Mention their name in conversation when you first meet them, not excessively but it can help to jog your memory later.
  • If you aren’t 100 % sure of their name, don’t call them by what you think their name! It’s easy to embarrass yourself and potentially damage the relationship at the same time.
  • Be focused on the conversation you’re having and don’t let your mind wander is a great way to keep that relationship flourishing.
  • Ask questions that go deeper than just surface level about his or her family and interests. If you do forget their name this will jog your memory from being engaged with them previously.
  • With the development of social media, it’s easier to be reminded of people’s names by connecting with them on LinkedIn. Not only will connecting with them on a social network keep your memory fresh but the resource of LinkedIn can be of huge benefit.
  • Use a mental signpost with something you’re familiar with. If you know an electrician called Thomas, the easiest thing to associate with is Thomas the Tank Engine. Perhaps don’t use this in the public forum, however!
  • Get their business card, maybe even write a few notes on the back about them. Visual cues like hair colour, whether they wear glasses etc. Of course, if you do forget their name again, ask for the card again!


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