Being accountable can be seen as a strategy for your business as it means we have to maintain relationships, stick to our goals and grow both personally and professionally. As a team, you can keep each other accountable to finish projects and meet deadlines and even clients can hold you to account in consistent excellence in your products and more importantly in the service you provide

The real trick is to keep oneself accountable as it may be that you hold employees to a certain standard that can easily be overlooked in yourself.

To keep yourself from slipping in your standards, it helps to have someone like a running mate beside you as a partner in accountability so that you know you can achieve your targets. Your partner could be someone closely associated with the project your on or a trusted friend who you update regularly or even you can hire a business coach to keep you on your right road.

Who Should I Choose?

It’s important that when you are ‘in the market’ for a running mate that you find someone that you respect and you wouldn’t want to let down and vitally who can make the time to help you. This person really needs to be someone who knows you and understands the issues that you come across while going through your work.

This person needs to know what other important things are going on in your life like if you have date night with your partner or family time on the weekend. It’s important that your accountability partner gets that you won’t be available to further your goal. It’s OK to have these times away from your work, however, accountability includes letting your partner know about these in advance so you can plan the times better to get the job finished.

Don’t underestimate the power of accountability in your business from you to your employees and your accountability partner to you.

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