Ready… Steady… Go!

Never underestimate the value of preparation. We’re taught it at school in revision, stretching before we exercise and you certainly wouldn’t want to be ill-prepared if you’re going on a date! Business networking is no different and it’s important that to attain the goal and you prepare yourself.

Dressed to Impress

Dressing professionally speaks volumes to your audience and those you want to make connections with. When you are seen dressed professionally then the impression is given that you mean business and are ready to network: even try a sensible but memorable affectation that will gain more attention like a tie or scarf that could start a conversation.


It’s not just about how you walk, it’s about how you talk too. Put time into thinking about how you want people to view you and your business BEFORE you enter that networking event. You want people to have a lasting impression of your business so think how you can communicate you in a unique way that is engaging. While you’re in communication one-on-one take the time to really listen to people and their business so not only can you build relationships but also so that reciprocal referrals can happen.

Collateral ‘Damage’

A very simple, effective networking technique is to bring an abundance of business cards with you. Business cards are easy reminders for you and other networkers later on to for your name and your business. As relationships are a key to successful networking; don’t instantly give our business cards without taking the time to first introduce yourself and your business. With your professional look, a great presentation and an easy reminder from the business card you handed out you’ve got a winning formula.

And also…

  • Introduce yourself and your business to everyone you talk to
  • Really take in what other networkers have to say
  • Collect business cards from those you talk to
  • Don’t forget to follow up after the event with those you need to
  • The gold is in relationships, don’t be afraid to invest

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