Attitude of Gratitude

Can you remember the last time you showed gratitude to the people involved in your business? Was it to someone you work with or an employee or a referral partner? How long has it been since you showed it?

Being grateful can have many ongoing positive effects for business; it causes you to evaluate and see where you’re going giving you the opportunity to create growth. As well as gratitude being beneficial for your mental health, it spurs you on to find more success and keeps your positivity level high for what can be achieved not only in your business but also in your life.

Appreciated people feel better about themselves which in turns improves the atmosphere, encourages self-esteem, harder work and even better productivity. As coworkers are grateful to each other it fosters a connection where they are supported and unafraid to make mistakes: where real learning comes from. We all know that having people who we work with are there for support rather than criticism can increase productivity.

How about leaving a note for a colleague letting them know they’re appreciated?

Relationships are strengthened by being thankful for those around you and it is a key for mutual trust. Appreciated employees tend to be more productive: when people see that their work, and they themselves, don’t go under the radar then they feel like they can strive for more. Being thankful for your employees has been known to increase retention and morale.

As relationships are developed through mutual appreciation, that rebounds to the employers and supervisors where honesty is even improved in regards to meeting targets.

How about praising the employee in front of others? Recognising their work publically can help them to continue to raise the bar.

Don’t stop at praising coworkers and employees, show recognition to your referral partners and especially your clients because they are more likely to continue to work with you, trust you and promote you as credible business partners and people who are grateful of their custom. Appreciated people will likely keep coming back to you and even use you as their first port of call.

How about giving a business-related ‘thank you’ gift to show your gratefulness to your clients and referral partners?

What if you become known as that positive person who is constantly thankful for those around them? You could be that person who makes others feel great about themselves and more for the people in your business as you promote a culture of gratefulness as productivity increases in yourself and those around you.


Thanks for reading.

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