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Food’s great isn’t it?Having a meal

Having a meal isn’t just about the intake of the right nutrients and vitamins so you can survive; it’s a pleasurable experience that is enhanced when others are involved. There’s a reason why we go out for dinner and why we use them for meeting someone special.

If you eat the age-old standard of three square meals a day you are eating around one thousand and ninety-five times a year! What if you used a tenth of those for networking purposes? A tenth of that number would see you have over one hundred opportunities for furthering your business, develop key relationships and make stronger connections.

There are many successful opportunities to be had with simply meeting someone for a business lunch or breakfast, which Newton Abbot Chamber regularly host for greater networking, where people find those meetings beneficial, people’s connections for their business are strengthened. When you have these business meals a lot of people, including our members, leave feeling optimistic about their conversations.

Sometimes one can feel there wasn’t a positive outcome from the time taken to attend a meeting over a meal and you can chalk down it down as a write-off, maybe even feeling another meeting going well justifies another one going badly. This kind of attitude isn’t very helpful and it’s a mindset worth getting out of. The opportunities you have over a meal are invaluable to impress the person opposite, to grow in confidence and learn about their business. Each time a meeting is perceived to go badly, you can’t justify it by another going well; how can you learn from the experience and move forward?

Apart from the excellence that comes with being at a Newton Abbot Chamber breakfast or lunch, when you’re deciding on where to meet, it’s always worth finding out their dietary requirements or restrictions they may have. If you plan to meet with someone inclined to veganism, you may find that meeting at a barbeque restaurant won’t be helpful towards your developing a flourishing relationship!

After the meeting has finished and you feel that you didn’t get to know the person any better then the meeting wasn’t a success. This is because relationship building is a key facet in growing your network, use the time outside of the work setting to get to know them on a personal level; find out what makes them tick and how you can connect where the relationship will see greater fruit.


Just see here from Facebook live of a recent Newton Abbot Chamber Lunch at the Market Gate:

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