Daily Discipline Determination

Everyone is trying to find ways of getting the most of their days and see their potential reach met. Each day is a new opportunity and it’s something we’ve heard time and time again because we’re all so keen!

Here are a couple of ideas that may help you with your day.


The Morning

  • Actually eat your breakfast! It is FAR too easy to say you’re too busy or you’re in a rush but like most things in life, it’s about making the time rather than finding the time. The old adage of breakfast being the most important meal of the day can ring true. There are far too many people feeling ill and losing concentration because they ‘didn’t have time for breakfast.’ Change your habit and finish your toast!
  • Start the day well with exercise. If you’re anything like me you may be rolling your eyes and again it might mean changing your habit but starting the day with something as simple as an energetic walk can give a completely different feeling and perspective to your day. Get those endorphins flowing!

The Day

  • Stay informed by reading something relevant whether it be something to do with current events or articles online (like this one) on how to improve business strategy. Absorb your material and improve yourself with having a constantly learning attitude.
  • Invest into your business relationships by connecting with someone who you haven’t spoken with for a little while, maybe even form a habit with connecting with someone every day. For one, you never know where the conversation could lead but the relationships you make will continue to be a strength for your business as long as you nurture them.
  • Wherever you are, be present so if you are at work then work but when you’re with your family, keep your focus on your family. Productivity doesn’t come from constantly thinking and be distracted by your work (and your family won’t thank you either). Just like the body needs to sleep to be refreshed, so will your working life.
  • Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. There are studies which show that clutter can be an indicator of productivity, it’s not always a given as other studies show that the symbolism of a cluttered desk can equal a cluttered mind. Just like being present in any moment, work for work time and family for family time, keep things in their proper places and tidy up a little each day. As things find their homes and a tidier workspace emerges, you could see an improvement in your work.
  • Maybe even take one step further and track your habits. The benefits of a bullet-pointed diary of what you do each day can help track progress and give you perspective on where you need to go next. This doesn’t need to just be for work but for all your habits, this can help to improve all round routine which will impact every area of your life.

The Evening

  • Get ready for the next day by preparing to-do lists and evaluate how the day has gone. Sort out your priorities so you can see what is important and what can wait and maybe consider readying your outfit. This is another de-cluttering of your mind as you have already prepared the next day in advance meaning more productivity for you.
  • Set yourself a regular time to go to bed. Seriously! It’s not just for kids as certain studies have seen that having that consistent time each night where you go to bed makes sleep easier meaning rest once again meaning more productivity.
  • Take notes on what makes you anxious. Having things in the mind can be distracting and can make it harder to sleep. Get yourself a pen and notepad and keep them by your bed and write down the doubts, fears and frustrations that are keeping you awake. Sometimes just acknowledging your anxieties can help you to sleep.

Sometimes we can see discipline as a negative as it has connotations of punishment but all that means is a new mindset needs to be established. Good habits form the basis of success. What habits help you with being successful? Why not share them on Facebook?

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