Getting Linked In with LinkedIn

Most of you are probably aware of the social networking site LinkedIn, a fantastic platform to connect with people of all sorts of businesses, locally (and not-so locally), to follow the influential and the successful, to learn, absorb and further your own business. It also works well as a first port of call as an online CV for yourself or a potential employee and even clients so you can develop the relationship further.

Used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to see your business grow and develop where it’s been said that for some, LinkedIn has become where they get most of their business from. However, not all of us are completely savvy with how to use the free tools at our fingertips or even how to conduct ourselves on LinkedIn (and sometimes other social networks).

Here are some tips below that might be of benefit for you.

  • Let People See an Honestly Branded Company Where Your Skills are Highlighted – People seeing your brand online is key in this digital age, showcasing what you do and who you are is something people will want to connect with. Keep your branding consistent, your colours, images and logos should all reflect what you look and act like ‘in the real world’. The point is not to mislead others.
  • Consistent Posting Without Overloading – The measure of how much you should post on LinkedIn is dependant on your target market. Nobody wants to see a barrage of posts all the time: a good rule is to think how much you would like to see content on your feed and not to spam others. Like all social media, LinkedIn is constantly being improved and updated to keep spam and unsuitable content to a minimum meaning a plethora of similar posts are likely to be flagged as spam and not get through to your followers’ feeds. The aim: be regular, but not too regular!
  • Endorse, Recommend and Promote – If you endorse people on LinkedIn, it’s very likely that they’ll return it right back! Rather than asking for endorsements or recommendations yourself, be a giver and not a taker and see how a little love can go a long way!
  • Only Endorse the Truth (the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth) – When you are endorsing a skill of someone, it may sound obvious but make sure you know that they are actually skilled in that area. It can be embarassing and possibly detrimental to your reputation to publicly approve something that they exaggerated about. Accountability and integrity aren’t factors that can be criticised so before you get into an awkward situation, make sure they can do what they say they can do!
  • When Recommending Others, Make ’em Shine! – When you’re specific about a recomendation for someone, you can be the most help to help them sell their service and/or product. Golden rule: how would you like others to treat you, then treat it like them first.
  • Send Connection Requests to People You’ve Met Recently – There will be a tonne of people on LinkedIn that think that if you have more connections that’s better for them, randomly firing off requests to any profile they see. Whereas there’s an argument for that, relationships are where the real connections are made with real people you have really met! Remind your potential contact how you and they know each other and add a personalized message with the connection. If you me them at a networking meeting, it’s likely that several requests may be coming their way. Make sure you made that good impression on them so they can easily remember you making the connection a more sure thing.
  • Keep it Tidy – Stay on top of simple things like spelling, gramma, information and images. A simple and quick profile that is easily editted is worth a look over every now and again just to make sure you look professional. It smacks of laziness if the business address has changed or the logo has developed but the older versions are still displayed on your profile.
  • Keep It Professional – Whereas personal instagram, facebook and twitter accounts aren’t there for professionalism, LinkedIn is and what people see is how your business is reflected. A picture of your pet might be cute for your friends but it’s not got a place on your LinkedIn.
  • Customize Your URL – It’s a simple step but you don’t need all those letters and numbers when you first set up your profile, get it looking neat and if your company name isn’t available, find something that will be recognisable with your name in it.
  • Be Positive! – A simple yet effective reminder, be the person people want to connect with.
  • The Reason – It’s easy to get lost in the world of LinkedIn with making connections and seeing impressions on your post, remember the reason it’s there: to further your business. LinkedIn is a servant, not a master.

Have you had a good experience with LinkedIn? Start the conversation and let others know on Facebook & Twitter (or even LinkedIn)?


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