The Name’s Referral, Network Referral

Referrals are great.

They just are.

Business from an associate met at any networking event can lead to many great relationships and more business for you. But what if getting referrals from others in your network feels like a constant battle and is always a struggle? You might feel like you’re doing all the right things, the meeting up for coffee; hours of networking meetings and even passing referrals on to others but not seeing the fruit from your sowing.

As always, the real crux of the being able to see more referrals coming your way is to invest and cultivate the right kind of relationships; is it just the sale you’re trying to close or are you trying to create an ‘agent’?

It’s great to ‘get that sale’ but if you spend time focusing on the value that you can bring to your potential referrals through your products and services, then you create an ‘agent’ for you who will then spread the value you can bring to others. It’s about helping others understand the ‘why’ behind what you do.

Think about an undercover agent who is working for you and they don’t even know!

But… how do you begin the ‘infiltration’? Here are a few thoughts on how to share your story and bring value to your network.


Be specific with your network with what your products are and what services you provide but who you are. The more detailed you are with what an amazing referral you can be, the more you see greater things beyond the initial sale’s end date. People are looking for what value you can bring to their business.

Bite-Sized Business

Start off sharing the lowest common denominators of your business by giving people ‘sound bites’ of who you are. If people can remember you by easily absorbed ‘bullet points of positivity’ then as they easily know who you are and what you do, they can easily share who you are and what you do!

For Example…

Words are great but they can mean little to nothing without action to back them up. Use an actual example of an exchange with a client and show people what you’re all about. People will relate great service with what you’re offering and so are more likely to remember that working with you and referring you to others is going to go well. Remember that when someone refers you to others, it’s because they can trust you because when they point people in your direction, their reputation is on the line too.

Collateral ‘Damage’

Step one: you’ve let people know who you are. Step two: you’ve shown them that you can give them quality services and products. Step three: have you given them anything they can take away to remember you by? Business collateral is key to seeing people make that next step in contacting you whether that be business cards, flyers or catalogues so people can contact you and in the case of flyers and catalogues, see what you can offer them.


Sometimes it can all slip into bad habits and we can all afford to develop good ones. Always thank your referral. It’s a simple thing but a little can go a long way when you’re genuinely thankful for the business that has come your way.

So, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to take these tools and use them to get referrals from your network.

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