Some Tips for Growth

Normally we shouldn’t make assumptions about people, we just get things wrong and we all know it can end messily.

That being said… we’re going to make one now: we’re assuming we want you to grow your business. OK, so that’s probably not the most risky of assumptions because you’re visiting our website and are reading through this blog, maybe looking for inspiration or information because you’re passionate about your business and you want what you’re passionate about to grow.

Where do you start though? Growth ins’t always easy and sometimes there are ‘growing pains’ as you develop and move forward with your business.

Here are some small ideas and habits that can have effectiveness on your business.

When Someone Asks You ‘How Are You’, Don’t Reply With a ‘Fine’.

What is fine? Like a pen? Like a tooth-comb? Fine is mediocre, fine is middle of the road and doesn’t effect anyone or anything. Aren’t you excited about the possibilities of your business? Aren’t you anticipating that you’re going to grow and you’re looking for new opportunities to see more fruit than before? If anyone is asking you how you are doing, then you need to show that you are excited and passionate about what you do. Positivity is usually infectious, the people you talk to may be the very person you need to talk to about going further or they may know someone.

If You Don’t Ask, You May Never Get!

Most things don’t ‘just happen’. Richard Branson says,

“It’s amazing what doors can open if you reach out to people with a smile, friendly attitude and a desire to make a positive impact.”

So get specific! Is there a person you know who’d be a perfect contact that you want to connect with? Is there a particular part of the business that you want to see more developed? What about a definete direction you want to go in the next year? Well ask for it then! Talk with people in your network as if they know what you need then they could help you with seeing what your goals look like. Don’t be afraid to try those doors.

Ask Your Clients to Share their Positive Reviews

As we are focussed on our clients, trying to give them the best service we possibly can, they will naturally tell you that they really enjoyed working with you and how good the service was. There’s absolutely no harm in asking them to share that feedback with everybody! Google and Facebook are both important sources for people to make decisions based upon people’s opinions; Google in particular have their reviews in conjunction with map references and that in turn helps people find your website and then your services. All of these give people great encouragement to use your services as they are great and you will treat them greatly.

Be Grateful

Showing appreciation doesn’t hurt you and it can even help you. By being appreciative of those who you, the likeliness that others will help you will grow. Reputation, which spreads by word of mouth, will let people know that they aren’t just commodities to you and your business but real people who you want to serve and support in whatever you client needs. When people feel appreciated, they feel like what they do matters and that results in trust towards the grateful.

Refer and Get Referrals

Build your own credibility by passing genuinely quality referrals to others in your network. If you are willing to bring great quality to others then people will bring great quality to you. Just like being grateful, when you bring great referrals to your network, you foster trust towards yourself and you’ll increase the likeliness of people bringing good referrals your way.

The thing is, real and continual growth is not going to be easy, but as the motivational speaker and write Anthony Robbins says,

“Every problem is a gift – without problems, we would not grow.”

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