Supporting Self-Esteem

Confidence is infectious isn’t it? Some people just seem to have an instant and natural swagger when they enter a room, they know what the right thing to say at the right timed and you want to spend time with them. For some, confidence doesn’t actually come naturally to them and inside they really need a bolstering of their self-esteem.

One of the things we can all do is look out for one another; being able to give opportunites to those around us to build others confidence. As well as being a great place for networking, Newton Chamber of Commerce is there to encourage and support its membership so that business can thrive in the Newton Abbot area (and beyond).

How great would it be if you were the reason why someone’s confidence grew? Here are some tips to encourage others while at our times of networking.

New members might not be able to generate many referrals, so why not ask them to contribute, be inclusive but mostly draw them in without expecting anything back in return. Be unconditional about inclusivity. It’s not about who did what, everyone can be involved and everyone can benefit.

When people need building up, listen to them and be present in the moment. Although a fantastic tool, sometimes the phone needs to go away. Imagine trying to talk in front of a group of your peers and people are messing with their phones. Active listening actively demonstrates to the person talking that they are worth listening to. It fosters confidence, which means better performance from the speaker.

Encourage risk taking in a healthy way because without risk there isn’t going to be growth and realistic success. Whether they be guests or shyer members, encourage them by giving them space and provide support for them to take a risk. As you welcome them, others will feel like they can bring people into the fold.

Not every referral leads to business and so that will be become a learning experience. It could be easy to develop a negative attitude from and not take risks because of it. Some would call the effort and energy put into a dead end referral as a failure or even a waste of time and where on a rare occasion it can be, it most certainly is a learning experience. Is there anything you could better next time? Is there a more productive way it could be done? Don’t let those who need encouragement feel that their experience is anything but a positive one.

Positivity can seem like a frivolous commodity but don’t underestimate the power in celebration, whether someone new has joined the Chamber, a good referral or a good presentation. Always encourage people in the positive things they’re doing as positivty breeds confidence which circiularly creates enthusiasm for what you’re doing and what they’re doing.

Each and every person is unique and is an individual with their own thoughts, feelings and attitudes so don’t compare! As each business is different and serves a different purpose to other businesses, we should celebrate diversity and understand how each person can fit, like individual¬†puzzle pieces coming together to form a strong structure together.

Can’t stress this point enough to constantly encourage and stay positive. Everyone at the Newton Chamber is there to grow their business, some days will be great and other days will be hard and we can even get quite low but that is why the Newton Chamber needs constant injections of positivity. Business is booming in Newton Abbot, let that be a place where local business owners can actively support and encourage each other.

Wouldn’t it be great if we foster greater business based on positivity and encouragement over anything else? As you support others you to will see encouragement and support coming back your way.

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