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Aren’t we glad people aren’t all alike? Different personalities however can sometimes rub you up the wrong way, specifically the motivated person. On occasion you find that one particular girl or guy who is just enthusiastic about everything at every given moment and they seem to get stuff done. If you aren’t one of those people then it just gets on your wick and winds you up. My suspicion is that it isn’t actually they have done anything wrong, but that being annoyed by them is because you know you need to be motivated too!

It’s easy with the busy world of business, family and life to burn out and become disengaged, uninterested and unenthusiastic about what to do next as you can’t see the next step. Even the most enthusiastic person can sometimes find themselves sinking under pressure and find themselves in a rut. You know, it’s not enough just to say ‘get out of the rut’ because for one; that isn’t particularly helpful advice as it gives you no direction at all but there are things to help you get out of your funk.

There isn’t a simple three step plan to getting back to where you were, but you need to be willing to put the effort in to get yourself into a place for when your results will give you that boost to your morale.

Here are a couple of ideas to keep yourself going when things are low:

Keep People Around You Who Will Motivate You
We’ve talked before about the strength and wisdom of having people you trust who have your back and to keep you accountable to your goals. Obviously, without having the deep rooted motivation and willingness to go the distance, having these people around you will only be short-term boosters; they can however turn into catalysts to get you onto the next stage. Don’t underestimate the power of an outside perspective.

Inspire Yourself
We live in a fantastic world where there are resources aplenty, and most of those resources are instantly available. There is so much inspiration through webinars, YouTube videos, e-books and blogs that can launch you into the next stage. Is there a new skill that could help you out? There’s probably at least 1000 books on the subject! Get reading, googling and watching.

A handy morale bolstering habit is to do the quick two-minute jobs first (or even as they come in). Sometimes doing them over the more ‘important’ tasks. Doesn’t this sound counter intuitive to getting jobs done? It’s about psychology and how you feel about your to-do list as if you have ten jobs and six of them are quick jobs, then when they are done you have done more than half your list. In your mind, you’re accomplishing things and your self-esteem rises when you are punching the air after seeing your list go down.

Remove the Negative
We human beings are like spounges and who we surround ourselves with ultimately effects us and our attitudes. If the majority of people you spend your time with are negative then that will spill over into your business life and your personal life. If you want to be motivated and step away from the valley you find yourself in, get away from those who are dragging you down and surround yourself with motivated and inpisiring people. Watch how your attitude and motivation mysteriously grows when you cut out the bad.

Did you know that working all the time doesn’t do you or your business any good? If you feel it’s always work, work, work then you will just pile pressure on yourself and you’ll easily get bogged down. Each day shouldn’t be ten plus hours of work, it doesn’t produce the best work. Time doesn’t always equal good work. Why not factor into every day your work time, time to relaxing, spending time with your family, take a walk, eat a well-prepared meal. Put your devices to one side and do something to unwind. Imagine your productivity is like a rechargable battery, it needs to be fully charged to be fully effective. The real question is do you want to be fully effective and motivated or just give until you burn out?

Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce is a supportive community who meet regularly to share referrals and celebrate the success of business. If you are in a rut, why not ask what other people do to see themselves through the difficult times? You’ll be encouraged and supported to see your business flourish.

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