Goal Setting

It’s now a week and a half into 2018 and the Christmas excitement has settled and the new year celebrations have disipated as we get stuck into another year of hard work. The real question is: that resolution you made ten days ago about losing the weight or getting more active, have you already failed and given into laziness? You’ve gained a few extra pounds and you really need to get rid of them but Netflix is calling?

We’re all about setting goals. Milestones are vitally important to keep one motivated and focused but when did you set a goal that you’ve met? Having goals are fantastic ways to measure your success (if not the only way) so how successful are you being?

Of course setting unrealistic goals isn’t helpful because it doesn’t boost morale whatsoever but regular benchmarks show where you’re going and can inspire further goals and more success.

The real question is: what are realistic goals for you and your business? How about asking the below questions when wanting to set the next goal.

Remember the last time you set a goal: what was that goal and was it met?
Looking back, while sometimes a painful experience, is also your education. Every perceived success and failure are learning curves and dwelling on both with different attitudes can effect where you go in the future. Are you someone to get discouraged when something didn’t go your way? Remind yourself it’s another learning opportunity to go about it a different way next time. Don’t let the ‘failure’ stop you from setting the next goal. Failure isn’t the end, giving up is. Think about what’s realistic when looking ahead.

Do you have someone on your back?
Not literally but the strength and the necessity of accountability can be a huge factor in meeting achievable goals. Some people are highly motivated and seem to be able to race ahead with all the passion and energy in the world but even the most dedicated human being every now and again needs a little encouragement to get it over the line. The person you have who is keeping you accountable should be someone who you trust to be honest with you to push you regularly with your realistic strategy.

By what are you going to gauge your progress?
Sometimes jobs are better when they are broken down into individual segments or smaller tasks which make up the target. Having these little milestones can help you set a regular ‘pace’ and give your morale important boosters as you keep heading towards your final goal. As you move through these smaller targets, sometimes you can see the change that needs to happen so hitting your goal becomes inevitable rather than unobtainable.

Is your set goal finalised?
To see your achievement realsied you need a timeline which you stick to. If your goal is, for example, to reduce your overheads by 10%, which is a great target but what is the time scale of this goal? If your timescale is a week it may be too short a timescale, proving unrealistic but if it’s five years away that goal isn’t stretching you or your business. Get real with your timeline.

It’s also important to remember to celebrate your goals being met. Maybe not a huge weekend-long party every time you meet a smaller target but meeting larger goals is worth acknowledging to spur you on towards larger goals, more business and a greater excitement for your business.

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