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At certain points in your career you’ll find that slogging away is your only option, things aren’t bad and things aren’t great. It’s a little like treading water, and sometimes there is value even in that but then you might get a referral and the positivity floods in; the feeling of validation, your confidence rises because someone was confident in you, your abilities and skills for a recommendation to come your way.

However (yes, sorry there’s a ‘but’) maybe those referrals aren’t turning into sales. And you’ve done everything you were meant to: you’ve phoned them within the space of day; you’ve followed that up with an email and you’ve followed that up again a week later and still there’s been no sales from that referral.

That’s deflated you hasn’t it!

In these times it’s a good idea to review your processes and follow ups and ask yourself some questions: is it just a bad referral? Has your referee misunderstood your services and products? Are you pricing your customers away from you?

These can all be contributing factors but what if with your follow ups you’re not providing any value?

Following up your potential client is a strong part of the transition to that sale; the initial contact with your prospect may prove not to be the place where they want or need to take you up on your amazing service but the follow up could be where you see the fruit.

Don’t treat your follow up conversations as ‘quick catch up’, five-second nothings that don’t make any difference to you or or them because you miss your chance of adding value to them and their business.

Here are some ideas on how to add value:

Something to attract those who are always looking for the good deal. The ‘special deal’ or the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deal is an attraction that not many can pay attention to, regardless of whether you take them up on it or not. In conversation, or by email, if you can let your potential client see an offer related to what they need they will consider the value you’re bringing to them and may even lead to buying other products from you.

Many times there’ll be a deadline that they need to meet, hence the initial referral and maybe your first contact meant they weren’t close enough to that cut off point but a follow up call might be closer. Be smart; take note of when their deadline is so you can use that as fuel for your communication with them and at the very least they will consider you having remembered their deadline to be a sign of respect. Not only does this reflect well on you but shows you value them, in itself adding value to the call/email.

Know Them
The internet is your friend as it can give you information about your potential client. Go stalking! (As a caveat when we say ‘go stalking’, we mean view their profiles online). Check their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and find out about them, but keep it professional. If some relevant milestone has happened, or a great deal has just gone through then mention it; realistically take an interest in them and add that value!

Problem Solver
Everybody has problems! Could you be the answer to your clients problems, obviously there’s going to be some things only doctors can sort out but if you can find out what the issue is and strive to solve it before anyone else can, then that’s amazing value right there.

They’re a Person, You’re a Person
Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you’re human and that you have an individual personality which you should let shine through (in a professional way of course). People will see through the fakery if you’re not genuine and that can be detrimental to your reputation and your business. Engage your clients, potential or otherwise, in a genuine and human way. Don’t just be a salesperson aggressively looking for a sale. Be human!

Who doesn’t like the giveaway? What could you offer that could entice your ‘mark’? The best thing to do is not to outright give them the solution to what they need but just something to sweeten the deal. Generous people are attractive and people generally want to deal with them.

Be Knowledgeable
Could you be the go-to person for information for your client so that could translate into sales? Wouldn’t it great if that the reason your client comes to you is because every time there’s a conversation with you they gain value out of it? Don’t spend hours giving free lectures that won’t translate as gain for you, but as we’ve said before become a problem solver and if solving their problems with buying from you is a brilliant option, they should go for it! Leave your cusomter satisfied things are progressing.

Wide-Eyed and Scary?
Don’t be desperate. If you’re manic and appear desperate for your referral, they’re not going to bother and yes you want the business, but you need to think how you come across to people. Constantly review your processes in communication to keep getting better at your conversations and turning your referrals into sales.

Don’t be arrogant, it just isn’t attractive and really puts up a barrier to those who could do business with you. Be confident instead and know that even though you may follow these ideas, you still may not see that sale. Don’t worry, don’t dispair as you gracefully move onto the next one professionally and know as long as you aim to add value to your services, products and ¬†interactions then custom will come your way.


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