Wellbeing and Productivity

It should come as no surprise that wellbeing and productivity are linked. Sometimes common sense isn’t as common as it should be! Government research suggests that higher wellbeing results in greater levels of improved performance and productivity.

Happiness, it seems, is in fact a commodity that produces results because when people feel they are of value, have opportunities to develop and allowed greater autonomy then they tend to perform better. Low productivity results in around 70 days being lost from every year because of the wellbeing of the employee being low!

It’s not just about employees though, because we all need a little motivation from time to time and who wouldn’t want to live happier? Here are some suggestions for your employees to improve and boost productivity through improved wellbeing.

A Coffee Machine

The great myth about coffee is that it wakes you up, when in reality coffee inhibits the chemical in your brain that makes you feel lazy and tired and yet many, many people are addicted to it for their ‘morning boost.’

According to some studies, the UK economoy could save around £42 billion if the average worker had access to a coffee machine throughout the day. Think of all those hours saved with coffee being on tap. Apparently, with coffee so readily available your workers could be productive for an extra twenty-four minutes a day!

Where it’s true that everyone has different reactions to caffeine, it might be worth using that inhibiting factor by having a drink when you first wake up then having another in the afternoon when your energy dips.

The ‘Break Room’

If you’re working on a computer for most of the day, you may feel that staying there and slogging through is the best for productivity but the truth is that without real breaks, including eating lunch in front of the screen can end up being counterproductive. It actually doesn’t help your, your business or your employees if they stay in one spot chugging through their work.

As we’ve said before, we are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’ and it’s shown that those who take time out from their work and leave their work station end up being more productive than those who stay at it all day.

Not only encourage your workforce to get away from their desks at break time but to switch off from their work for their break time to recharge for the afternoon shift. Some research suggests that regular fifteen to twenty minute breaks rather than one large break is good for satisfaction levels and can help more innovative ideas to flow with improved focus.

What this can result in is improved work in shorter time frames.

Light it Right

The sun tends to be our greatest source of vitamin D and especially around winter we see the shorter days and this can result in people being lower, depression is linked to this deficiency as well as lower immune systems in employees seeing them off work with colds and flu-like illnesses.

So many people tend to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and light is the key! If you and your employees tend to be desk jockeys then being stuck indoors will easily cause you to have a reduced natural light intake, which is vital to a healthy life-style. Why not keep a supply of SAD lamps for your indoor dwelling employees that can help with the lack of sunlight.

It’s also vital that lighting in general is a priority, eye strain comes from poor lighting and it’s also important that there isn’t any screen glare. Good lighting is a simple but effective part of caring for your employees wellbeing.

A New Attitude

The above ideas might not be revolutionary but it’s important that if you want increased productivty you need to care about your employees and their wellbeing to see greater productivity.

These things might be a bit of a culture change for your employees but it comes from the top down. Are you looking after yourself or are you just trying to be solidly focussed without thinking about your own wellbeing?

Here’s the biggest question: do you want more productivity in you and your team? Then you need to think of more than just the tasks you’ve got, take a sip of coffee, take a break and get out of the office! Model a more holistic view of productivity and see a better output to your work.


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