The Generation Game

Generating leads is a major priority, especially for smaller businesses and sometimes we can get stuck in which avenue to pursue but there are many ways in our modren world to see more leads. Here are a few ideas that aren’t geared just for the small business but can be used by most companies. With the below suggestions, don’t just go with the vanilla idea but try and modify to see what works for you and your customers.

Ads on Facebook

A tried and tested way to drive leads are Facebook Ads (yes Facebook has been around long enough to be ‘tried and tested’). The value is found in the specific targeting using location, age, interests and other aspects.

To see success in your adverts, look at your data. The beauty of Facebook is that it gives you a lot of information in regards to who is looking and responding to your posts so use it to refine what you’re doing. Remember when you’re posting to keep the visual in line with what you’re selling because you want to engage your potential clients and no confuse them, use something eye-catching and where possible use video. Whereas pictures get more interest (and you can’t avoid using pictures with adverts) you get more with video.

Have a look into it and check out helpful guides on Facebook to see how you can get the most of out of the platform.

Personalise Your Email Marketing

Current trends, possibly encourage by social media, is to be personal and to know your customers. Relationship is always going to be key in moving forward with current businesses and personalised emails are just a natural progression. An Experian study found that personalised emails get more revenue than non-personalised campaigns.

Most email services use a system where you can include your recipient’s name, and even group people by where they are, occupation etc. It’s always worth tracking your success as you pay attention to the trends you can see how to be more targeted in the future. Find out what links people are clicking on and follow them up. Keep staying personal!

Offer, Offer, Offer

The ‘new customer deal’ is always a strong lead generator. In a survey performed by CouponBox in 2016, it was found that 75% of teh retailers they asked said that increasing their long-term revenue with coupons or discount codes was the best method.

If you go down this route; don’t be shy about it and use your social outlets and mailing services to let the world know, make it part of an introductory email, put it on your website and encourage people to share the news.

Content with a High Value

Whereas monetary revenue is important to your business (obviously) there are other methods of currency. SEO (search engine optimization) should be a big consideration to your site being discovered by search engines with blogs, videos, reviews etc. all driving online traffic to your business.

Why not use a sign-up opportunity for your clients to see the valuable content?  This is also lets you know more about your customers trends and what value you can add that they will want to buy into.


As we’ve written before, refers business to others that you know. Show that you’re not insular and care only about making money, maybe partner with other businesses and work together to see services brought further afield where you can both benefit.

Working together with others can see your reach extend further than you initially see.


Why not try other ways of lead generation and let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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