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Branding is important.

We could stop the blog there.

How people view you, react to your name, your look and all of the other things that come from branding are vital to building a reputation that people can trust and will choose over your competition. However, you can’t do everything, your product and services aren’t perfect and you can’t force people to think a certain way about your or your brand. These might all sound negative but realistically you can’t please everyone but here are some tips that can get you thinking if you’re just starting out or are thinking of rebranding.

High Road

The best way to be viewed as hard (not strong) is to put down your competition; it’s a very different message if you’re saying things like ‘customer focused’, ‘comitted to you’ or ‘making things better for you’ rather than ‘better than brand X’ or ‘50% of people left X company due to bad service.’ Most people wouldn’t think to choose a company’s service to damage their competition. If you want to be the choice of your potential customers, make sure you take the high road and establish your ethos on being an uplifting brand.

Choose one message and run with it, although this can be hard a clear and concise branding message. So many companies tend to diversify but choose to leave your clients with an easy message that can roll off the tongue; let people have confidence in you because you know what you’re about. Use it for a while and measure the results, don’t use many at the same time or switch every now and again: be focused.

Kick the jargon out the window and don’t assume your potential buyer knows what you, the expert is on about. Leave behind the shorthand wording for those who need it (your employees and colleagues) and speak clarity so that customers know and trust what you’re about.

Don’t Say Nothing
Apart from being grammatically incorrect, seriously don’t say nothing! So many companies are saying the same kind of generic thing, be specific. If you have a quality product then what makes it quality? If it’s easy-to-use, then how is it so? While selling things, people aren’t going to promote the opposite of these things as it’s obviously counter-intuitive to selling the product so ignore the obvious and tell people the things that’s going to sell your product.

Up and Down
If you’ve got your message, that’s great, but does everyone in your company understand it? Does everyone from the owner to the office dog know what youa re about. Don’t every assume that everyone is onboard because you put it in an email. Get everyone involved and not only speak about the message but live it and set the example to see the message implemented.

Do people get it? We’ve all read a text message the wrong way so why assume that the world gets what you’re on about? Talk with people, ask them to tell you back what they think you’ve said and get feedback on what you’re saying. What you’re saying and what people are hearing can be very different.

Socially Acceptable
The world of advertising works differently with social media, wasting too much money on huge message changing can be worse than not having enough money for branding. What are people (those you’re trying to convey the message to) saying on social media about you and your brand. You know you that you’ve got a good product when people say good thins about you and they spread the word about it.

Oh the Humanity
Great brands treat people like people and not as a mass market, seeing the individual and not a money-well. Do people think of your product as theirs and do they see that you care about them and serving them as people not as good or bad PR.

Ask yourself this question: if you don’t spend any money or marketing, what do people say about your branding? The real world of marketing is that you’ll never have enough money to pay for the perfect brand and so people become the biggest advertising collateral you’ll ever get or ever need. It comes down to people. How you relate to people is how your brand will be seen.

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