Fourteen Quick Networking Tips

Here are some quick networking tips (some of which you may have come across before):

  1. Start with What You’ve Got
    Who’s already in your phonebook? New relationships take time in pursuing and wooing: cultivate with those you’ve already invested in.
  2. Do
    Keeping in contact with those around you is good practice, as you never know when they may be helpful in another connection. If you haven’t spoken to someone for a while, it’s impolite and improper to ask for their help after so long. Continue to Invest.
  3. ‘Friends of Friends’
    Sometimes it’s the people you know’s contact list that can help you, find out and keep in mind your contacts contacts and how they connect you.
  4. Set the Expectation
    Let people know you mean business by setting the date and when you’ll get back in contact with them but then do it. Show them that you’re reliable and keep your word.
  5. Always Aim to go Deeper
    Don’t just stay with the ‘what do you do’ kind of questions in initial introductions and find out about the person; form relationships not just surface connections so that people remember you for these things and not all about personal gain.
  6. Use Your Tech
    We’ve got great tools at our fingertips so use them to remind you to keep in contact with those who could prove to be of great value: use reminders and your calendars speaking of which…
  7. “Remembering Stuff”
    Keep showing you care about those you’re networking with by wishing them a happy birthday or remembering little details about their lives that you can bring up in conversation that you spoke about last time you were with them. How to remember? See point 6.
  8. Specifically
    Let people see you know what you’re talking about with details about your services and products. People get confidence when they see that you are confident in your knowledge of what you do and are more willing to trust you and what you’re offering.
  9. What Do They Need?
    Find out what your networkers need and provide it. Be the person that they go to for problem solving.
  10. Give
    A reputation of generosity is a strong one; what if you became known for being the most genuinely generous person in the room? It’s another indicator that you’re the go-to person to help them. It does tend to be that givers get, but cultivate the giving attitude so it’s natural rather than giving just to get back. Be about others first.
  11. Socially Acceptable
    Use LinkedIn to connect with people, see who your contacts are in contact with (also a good resource to keep up with birthdays, anniversaries and the like).
  12. New People
    Everyone is there to meet someone new, but apprehension rises quickly so jump in, take the initiative and be bold (but not arrogant).
  13. Who Cares?
    Ask yourself why should somebody care about you or your business and practice giving that response. How can you help people?
  14. Two Ears, One Mouth
    This speaks for itself! Always listen more than you talk, let others say something and don’t be the one making all the noise; show that you can take it and you may even learn something.

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