Sleep is actually good for you.

That statement might’ve produced mocking laughter in you but sometimes what you know to be true and actually acting on the information can be two different things.

The reason why we’re bringing this up is that sleep deprevation can effect your business in a bad way. Most adults need between seven to nine hours a night to be able to go about their days normally. Every now and again people can cope with missing a night’s sleep but there are long-term effects if you don’t get your forty winks and your lack of sleep isn’t something you’ll particularly want your business to experience.

The results of a long period of sleeplessness will see your level of alertness disappear, your judgement will be impeded, which means your problem-solving skills are hindered results in you making bad decisions and that definetely means your business will get a knock.

It comes down to the little things: your reasoning skills aren’t sharp enough, rationality turns into grogginess and a well-mannered nature becomes irrational all because of sleep deprevation. Just think if there’s heavy machinery involved! You wouldn’t want someone who isn’t getting enough sleep to be operating something that could potentnially prove to be very dangerous, and so as CEOs or Managing Directors you can’t direct if you’re brain isn’t as rested as it could be.

Sleeplessness makes one more accident prone with a greater risk of causing road accidnets and can even lead to a higher feeling of anxiety and depression, which we know is becomming a real problem in our stress filled world.

See… sleep is very, very, very important!

There are, however, some good pointers to trying to get you having a better night’s sleep:

Chill Out
Relaxing before you actually go to bed is a BIG one so turn off your electricals, don’t let that ‘blue light’ mess with your brain. Play some relaxing music, dim yours lights or read a book. Even using meditative techniques can help you unwind from a crazy day. Write stuff down when it comes to mind so you’re not cluttering your brain.

Get Comfortable
It’s not a bad thing to really invest in your pillows and your mattress so that you are comfortable and fully chilled so you can sleep better. Maybe even investigate a specifically medicated mattress that targets points in your to fully relax like a memory foam mattress.

What Goes In…
Sorry everybody but a lower intake of both coffee and alcohol can help you to relax. Too much of both is never a good idea and can lead to a lack of alertness (yes coffee isn’t the miracle worker you think it is).

For some it’s as natural as breathing and for some it’s totally alien but for desk jockeys this becomes more and more vital to your health. Every day find time to move around, do a sport, get to the gym, go for a long walk but whatever it is for goodness sake MOVE YOURSELF! This will encourage your body to rest.

Basically, don’t take sleeping for granted!

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