Don’t Stress

In and out of business, stress is a huge problem in today’s society yet the first thing you can do is to identify where it’s coming from. Not taking control of the situation and letting it fester won’t help you at all and can make your situation worse.Where we can’t address everything about stress, here are some stress-reducing ideas that can help you get the best out of yourself:


Exercise isn’t a cure all and won’t magically destroy your stress, it has the benefit of reducing the intense emotions that go with stress and can help clear your mind to sort out your thoughts in a clam manner.

You are the Master

Passivity never solved any issues in any way whatsoever and adopting an attitude that you can’t do anything will cause more stress. When you take control and about empowering yourself to find a solution that satisfies you.


Having support from colleagues, friends and family is a great balm to a stressed soul and can give perspective when things seem a little crazy. Spending time with people, laughing and relaxing is a fantastic stress reliever and on top of that talking through your concerns and worries with those you trust can help you find answers.

“It’s All About Me”

A lot of time we can find that we don’t often do the things we really want to do and end up spending more time working. It is important that ‘me time’ is adhered to: for being social, relaxing and exercising so why not book a couple of nights a week to have time that is especially away from work to decompress and chill out.

Push It

Growth is an important part of any human being’s life so set yourself a few goals and challenges to encourage yourself and build confidence: these atttitudes help deal with stress as setting personal targets for growth gives you cause not to wallow. Emotional resilience is built up as you develop an attitude of growth.

Kick the Habit

Alcohol, smoking and caffeine aren’t great methods of coping with stress and can even keep you stressed: in fact it’s known as avoidance behaviour and although they may even seem to give temporary relief, your problems won’t disappear making it harder to deal with the stress causing issues.

Get Out of Yourself

Helping others can have a benefit of building emotional resiliance through community work or volunteering. While supporting others, you get perspective and a great feeling of wellbeing. Time is obviously a factor so if you find you’re a busy person, do something nice for someone every day: make the drinks, compliment people, get in a tray of cakes etc. Selflessness does wonders for you!

Get Smart

Working harder isn’t always the way forward – being smart is the way to go: do the jobs that are going to make a real difference and leave the least important jobs to do later. If you can accept that your in-tray is always going to be full, not expecting it to be empty by the end of the day then you are a step forward to coping with the sress.

Stay Positive

Identify praiseworthy things in your life. Of course some people are more naturally melancholy and some more upbeat but we can all find things we can be grateful for. Appreciate for what you have, who you have in your life and see things from a different perspective. Maybe even write things down that are good or went well that day and reflect on them. Develop a habit of positivity.

Some Stuff Can’t be Changed

We might’ve come across the old prayer quote by Reinhold Niebuhr,

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Which we could all do to remember when it comes to stress management. Some situtations just aren’t changeable, so just pay attention to those things you can. Sometimes that may lead to a drastic change, but keep an open mind and see what can be done.

Being in business can sometimes make us lose the perspective of living a life, rather than living to just work and in fact – when we are dealing with stress properly this can benefit our businesses, colleagues, employees and clients.

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