What Matters

With all the demands and priorities in life we don’t tend to ask ourselves a simple question: are we actually doing what matters the most to us?

Don’t mistake this with what makes you happy in a singular moment but at the very core of you, what gives you meaning and are you doing it?

So many people are trying to attain happiness when trying fulfill their purpose or meaning is ultimately far more fulfilling and can give people a boost in all areas of their life, including business. The way that people feel about their lives informs everything about them and if temporary happiness is the goal then things can easily become directionless and meaningless as, after research, while meaning and happiness can overlap in areas they are ultimately different.

What this comes down to is that people who have defined meaning in their lives are usually more satisfied than those chasing happiness. ┬áMeaning as opposed to happiness, isn’t transitory because it connects holistically to your entire life.

When interviewed by author Stewart Emery, people who were clearly focusing on what mattered to them saw enduring success and were better able to stay committed with their focus throughout setbacks and challenges.

We’d all like a life that matters right? Maybe it’s time to think about the following:

  1. What gives you the greatest joy in your life? When you’re loving what you do then you’re motivated, involved and building success can become natural and long lasting
  2. Poisonous or productive thoughts? You reap what you sew: negativity will feed a downward spiral but positivity does the exact opposite. Thought management, while difficult, can really help or hinder your progress in anything.
  3. Action Woman (or Man)? What goals are you setting and meeting? Don’t just sit around, find ways to get closer to your goals, bring people on board to help achieved that. Meaning drives success but without action it’ll be fruitless.

By bringing your thoughts and action into alignment with your life’s meaning then you can really see success in your business and find more contentment in every area of your life.

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