Burnout Avoidance

Burnout can happen in any organisation and if you’re just starting out in business, the pressure of all that organisding and maintenance usually requires more than that 40 hour a week job idea. The pressures to become successful and continue in that success can lead to some serious burning out on the part of the entrepreneur.

It can be easy to succum to feeling of anxiety and depression and many start-up business people suffer from these horrible mental health issues and several startups close nearly as soon as they’ve started!

There are, however, ways to avoid these issues and that’s to factor in a healthy lifestyle and business plan from the get-go. Although this sounds like an obvious thing, it’s not all that simple to take these things into consideration. Here are a few things to consider:


There is a tendency to feel that you need to do it all yourself because otherwise you’ll lose control over your business. Where a lot of owners might want to delegate tasks but don’t trust that others would get the job done correctly and the quality wouldn’t be to the correct standard.

Delegating to freelancers isn’t a dirty idea and it doesn’t give you lack of control in fact it can improve your business efficiency by reducing your stress levels and improving your time management.

There are websites with workers out there where you can outsource jobs like payroll activites, website maintenance and admin so you can save time and stress. There are even places where you only pay once the job is done so you can see that it is done correctly and to your standard.


As technology advances, automation becomes more and more common throughout increasing productivity and saving time, lessening the load with control to make sure quality is never sacrificed.

A huge amount of time is taken reading emails everyday (I can imagine a lot of you can relate to this) and there are even AI-powered virtual assistants that can send automated responses and schedule meetings, integrating with calendars and working out the best times for everyone.

Technology is so clever! Take advantage of it


Even though you’re actually the owner of a business, step outside yourself and imagine that you are actually an imployee for your company. In that respect you’d expect there to be a time to clock in, clock out and go home and this is a good basis to prevent burnout. Many entrepreneurs don’t shut down from their work headspace and end up doing as much work at home as they do at work.

Set yourself boundaries and stick to them timewise: don’t be tempted to do more and risk health problems. As you’d want to keep your employee healthy and ready for work, do the same yourself.


You may feel alone if you’re starting up on your own and it can be isolating. Don’t be tempted to think that everyone you meet could be a potential client because some may just be meaningful relationships; they are just as relevant. Network not only for your business, but for your own sanity! There’s so much you can learn from those who have been in your position, but might not necessarily buy from you.

Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce run regular breakfasts and lunches so these very things can happen. Have a look through our events section and get booked in today.

And Finally…

Don’t negate your mental health as burning out will not help you, your business and those around you.

Work hard but play hard!

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