Bettering Your Leadership

They say that some people are leaders and some are followers. While we’re not really going to comment on that, there are some personality types that lend themselves to being natural leaders and there are those who need to develop certain skills and philosophies to be the leader they need to be.

Leadership is, whether natural or nurtured, a challenging venture regardless of being an independent business owner or running a global enterprise and so for the newbie or the experienced, here are a few ideas that can be used to bettering your leadership:

Be the Example

Integrity is a strong part of being a good leader; be the same behind closed doors as you are in front of people.


A closed door doesn’t help anyone, so don’t be one – be open and transparent about where you want to go, especially with your employees who are implementing your vision. Don’t just talk at people either, communication is a two-way street so invite feedback and encourage conversation that can lead to new and different ways of doing things.

Being Particular about Your Team

Those who you are with you on the journey can determine the success or failure of your enterprise. See what strengths people have and utilise those strengths while cultivating a team mentality.

Choose Productivity

Don’t be wishy washy about deadlines and meetings; stick to your arranged times and stay on track with the agenda (wherever you can). Keep re-evaluating where you are to keep realistic goals to reach your desired outcome. Get everyone in the team to contribute to the success of your business and encourage productivity throughout the day.

Have Fun

Obviously there’s a serious element to your business but you must remember that enjoying the journey is key to being a strong leader. Creating an environment of success and fun really contributes to the culture and longevity of where you’re going. Who wants to work in a dull office?

Granted there are different ways of leading teams, all having successes and failures in different areas but if we were to point out one particular area where leadership is key it would have to be ‘leading by example.’ Working hard and making wise decisions are seen by those around you and if you’re being watched by your employees, what would you like them to see? An untight, joyless tyrant or someone who is approachable, humble and willing to listen to their ideas? Not only will your employees appreciate this, but those around you will see the qualities of a good leader.

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