Travel Checklist

Sometimes we can find that our businesses can require us to travel, whether it be for a meeting, larger networking opportunity or for a multitude of reasons that I’m sure you’re thinking of right now (like that business deal that you must get sorted in Hawaii…)

Thing is, some of us are super organised and have lists within lists of things to remember that you’re checking off. If you’re one of those people you have even downloaded an app that can organise you! If you’re not that kind of person (and actually even if you are) then it can be hard to keep up with all the things you need to do and get ready.

Here are a few things to remember, some might be obvious and some might be less.

Take Loads of Business Cards
In any situation you always have tonnes of business cards and especially while travelling: think of it like when you go to the beach and sand gets everywhere and then find nooks and crannies when you can store them.

Name Badge
When doing networking don’t rely on the event organisers to have a name badge ready for you: especially if they can be prone to mispellings. Take your own then you know not only is your name spelt correftly but you can have a professional look in line with your brand.

Always, always have a pen with you and take extras. Have a few about your person for note taking or being able to write things down for others.

Referral Partners Info
Whether that be your partners’ business cards or just the info at hand on your phone, make sure that you can refer easily at any moment.

Seeing more and more people risks more and more colds and it’s grim but you can never guarantee anyone’s level of personal hygiene but your own so take some of that sanitizer with you to kill 99.9% of all germs dead.

Breath Mints
Isn’t this obvious? You could be one coffee away from inadvertently offending someone’s nostrils and nobody wants to be that person, or the person on the recieving end!

Flash Drive
Keep copies of things you can share with others (case studies, important documents etc.) with you so they can given at a moment’s notice and also good for getting said documents from others.

Your Specific Business Tools
Whether that be your fliers, introduction packs or biographies that may or may not be to hand when you’re speaking to people (regardless if you’ve sent them ahead). If you’re using powerpoint/keynote maybe taking your own slide changer and not relying on someone you don’t know to help out and of copurse you’ve got a copy of your presentation/notes on your memory stick too. Think about the other things that might be useful like branded merchandise that can help promote you.

Charger & Powerbank
Smartphones are how we live now and in the middle of getting some info, or showing someone your website the phone dies you’ve lost a powerfull tool so make sure you’ve got your charger and (if you’re really a power drainer) a powerbank or two to make sure you are always full of battery power. Thinking about it to; if you’re abroad make sure you pick up the right power adaptor for the country you’re in – buy them before you go just to be sure!

The internet is great and can tell you what the weather is going to be like anywhere! Don’t get caught in the Scottish rain without a good mac and don’t overdress if you’re in the Cornish sunshine: double-check before you leave and take appropriate clothing.

A Good Book
There’s going to be downtime and just like time when you should rest so you can give your best (and also travelling can produce a lot of waiting) a book can really chill you out and give you something to do.

There are probably more things to consider, maybe chat it about it on our social media? Let us know.

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