Organisational Culture

“A culture of an organisation is a combination of values and behaviours that make up the individual environment of the said company.”

The question is how does one see this instilled in your company? What this comes down is creating a culture and how one goes about seeing that instilled throughout a business. This isn’t a step-by-step process that you can follow easily and see the desired result because just as all businesses are different so the culture within those businesses will vary between them too.

There seems to be three main processes that this organisational culture is created through traditions, core values and then the culture itself.

Tradition is important whether that be religious, familial or within the business and some traditions are healthy and some are not. Those things that we ‘do’ because ‘that’s who we are’ define the group and show what things are important to us. Those traditions might be when you have your team meetings, who makes the coffee, breaktimes, what you allow on desks etc. These traditions are in place because of what you see as important and so they provide a framework for your core values.

Your fundamental beliefs behind your business become your guiding principles and direct you to form your traditions within your business. These core values are vital to how you move forward, they are your starting point for all you do and who you are.

These things then come together to prove your culture. You need practice these things ‘religiously’ to see them permeate through your team and staff as you base all your ideas and movement on your values you then form traditions around them like a framework, supporting your values to see a culture formed within you and your business.

When culture is established then everything orbits it: your business strategy; your attitude; your work space etc. It’s about walking the talk and seeing the ‘how’ dictated by the ‘why.’

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