Be Someone’s Encouragement

Do you know how important encouragement is? We live in a world that’s constantly negative, depressing and hopeless (good start to the blog isn’t it?) but we can choose to brighten somebody’s day.

Why would we do this though? What’s the point of being an Encourager?

We have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives and while we know that we should (and we try) to give our best, just sometimes we struggle and because of what’s going on in our personal lives, or we haven’t quite felt like we’ve done a job properly we run on half-steam. A little word of encouragement in these situations can go a LONG way to improving efficiency. Simply making someone feel better about themselves can’t make that much difference, can it?

Encouragement is someone’s life can see these amazing benefits:

Increased Self-Confidence
Criticism doesn’t ‘build up’ it tears down, and where there’s a place for constructive criticism, just being negative doesn’t actually improve anything. When some are more confident, they are positively looking for better solutions to problems.

More Effort
When you actively encourage someone, they are ‘strengthened’ to make more of an effort to see the job finished and even completed to a better standard.

Support in any form makes something or someone stronger, whether that be from one person or many, and this can only contribute to more success!

As people are boosted through inspiring and encouraging words, they feel like their accomplishments are valid and so adds to better work.

As they say, you can catch more flies with honey! But how can we be these encouragers who help navigate people away from self-doubt and enable people to feel they are becoming their best self?

Here are some ideas:

Habitually Lifting People Up
How often are you encouraging people? If you habitually tear people down then that’s all you’re going to do – change the habit and start regularly aiming to encourage someone.

Build the Bridge
You might be missing opportunities with people if you’re not regularly building people up! Friends and family are almost geared to being encouragers, but look with who you could be supporting and see if a new connection could be made for more encouragement.

Make sure that you are particular about how you’re encouraging someone, make it personal. Generalisations don’t land well but really look about who you’re encouraging and how. By being specific, you can be more inspirational and memorable.

Emotional connectivity has the power, not just surface compliments but consider how you feel about their work, aim to leave a lasting impression when building someone up.

The Right Time
Keep an eye out for how people are, sometimes you can tactfully build someone up when they are going through things that are hard in their personal lives.

How would you like to be¬†known as a leader or boss? Someone who keeps their employees ‘in their place’ or someone who inspires greatness? It’s something to think about.

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