Presentation Tips

Keep it Real

The presentation format instantly divides you from the audience because of the nature of the beast. When communicating, make things relatable and give real-world examples that will ease the distance from presenter and listener.

Keep it Honest

When you’re up the front, you can sometimes be seen as the expert (and you may not be). Be real with your mistakes and failure; they’re only teaching moments for you and for your listeners. This again makes you relatable.

Keep it Useful

Don’t just be a verbal spouting version of Wikipedia! You don’t want your audience to leave asking ‘what was the point?’ Let your information be useful and actionable steps.

Keep it Organised

Don’t think you can wing it because you may get away with it for a while but you’ll come unstuck at some point. Even though you can’t prepare for everything situation, you should prepare! You need to practice it too. Without preparation, you can’t have relevant giveaways (which you know people are really wanting…)

Keep it Interesting

Engaging people can be a chore but it’s quite similar to being in an educational setting. Think about those teachers who really made an impact and you’ll find that it was the interactive nature of some lessons that really kept your focus. Make the presentation enjoyable and people will be talking about it for a while.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overload people with vast amounts of information on your slides. Too many words can be a distraction rather than informative so keep things bullet-pointed as this can help with taking notes and so people can stay focused on what you’re saying. The slideshow isn’t the show, you are! o make it compliment you, not the other way round.

Keep it Pretty

Just because the slides are simple doesn’t mean they have to be bland. What colours are you using? What fonts are popping out? (Forget comic sans people, it isn’t worth it…) don’t clutter it up and put visuals in that will keep people interested.

Keep it Easy

We’re all over the internet nowadays, and not everyone is going to want to follow you from the get-go. Let people be reminded of your social networks by having them at the beginning of your slideshow and at the end: then people won’t forget and you’ve given them a good reminder. Of course, this information will be on your business cards, don’t forget to keep a load of those handy and easily accessible.

Keep it Interactive

Talking of the internet: it’s a clever tool that could enhance your talk – what if scheduled Tweets went out with relevant information at certain times? A poll that ends at the conclusion of your presentation? There are so many things you could do. Once again, don’t let the tool become the main focus.

Keep it Accessible

Some people will want to review your show after your presentation; convert it to a video and share it on your social networks. You can interact with people and ask for their opinions and feedback, see it take on a new life of its own.

Keep it Growing

Don’t just have one presentation for the rest of your life; as people grow and develop so should your presentation. Explore different ways to present yourself and what you’re doing; the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity… so get Googling and fill your mind with some fresh ideas.

Keep it Moderate

You might find you have the opportunity to moderate a panel where you can connect with different kinds of people you may not normally associate with like industry leaders and experts. If you get to moderate a panel, keep it flowing, keep it fun, keep it going and keep it conversational.

Keep it Prepared

Respecting your audience is key, so keep yourself prepared not just on your material for them! But… don’t over-rehearse what you’re going to do: people can smell inauthenticity a mile off and they will see if you’re too robotic. Be comfortable but not static.

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