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Keep on Bloggin’!

Consistency is key whether it be once a day, once a week or fortnightly but if you want to keep (and potentially grow your audience) then being a consistent blogger is the way. Get yourself a schedule and stick to it: according to research posting around 16 times, a month can see 3.5 times more hits than those who publish four a month.

Words are Key

Obviously, you need to write about relevant topics to your business and to help that you need to find out what people are searching for online. This is the power of the ‘keyword’ – research into will help you discover the most searched for words. If you’re writing about eggs then find out what people are talking about and join the conversation with the relevant hashtags and titles as this will help others searching for your content.


Now quality blogs are better than quantity blogs. While search engines on average find those with over 2000 words first, it’s not going to help you if your article is dull and uninspired. It’s the same with the title; what is going to make people read your blog? There are terms and phrases you can use to entice your audience into reading. Going back to the ‘eggs’ example; something like “13 Ways You Didn’t Know to Cook a Great Egg,” has a great draw.

Eye Candy

Words obviously contain the relevant information you’re trying to convey but adding any kind of visual will increase people’s retention by 55% whether it be a chart or infographic or an image that reflects your point.

Answers Those Questions

Your customers are a great resource for your blogs because when one of them asks you a question related to your business, it can be an indicator of what other customers would want to know about. This is an easier way of finding out where to go with your content as well as meeting customers’ needs.


Sometimes people can get familiar with one voice so why not invite others to contribute to your blog? A breath of fresh air can really change a perspective for your customers and even yourself. Include interviews with industry leaders and others, it’s not just articles you can write. Thinking outside of the established way of doing things can really see fruitĀ bear.

A Roundup

A roundup or newsletter collecting together lots of different articles can be a great way to reach a variety of readers; celebrating certain days or milestones combined with interviews and links to other articles (similar to an e-newsletter) with summaries will show your holistic approach. Use your content, link to others blogs… the possibilities are nearly endless.

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