Ten Ideas to ‘Next Level’ Your Website

The internet is definitely not going away and having a website that delivers isn’t optional, it’s a necessity. Here are some ideas that could take your site from good to great:


With attention spans not lasting long (none of us have attention spans that last too long nowadays), there needs to be content that can quickly change your visitors into customers. Things like online quizzes; appropriate content for your potential clients; having the site fast loading and mobile-responsive all encourages customers to come back and interact with you.


Make sure there aren’t any problems with your site, which is absolutely key to being professional but also errors on your site can damage your business and reputation.


Blogs are a great way to connect with your customers if done correctly and consistently. Be relevant and do some research on how a well-crafted blog can drive sales.

Social Media

The website should be the place to send people from your social media, which in itself needs to have great content so you can effectively see those engagements. Consistent quality over quantity is good not only for reputation and engagement but done correctly, can be converted to sales.

More Than Content

So many people are now on board with social media content marketing that the real question is: how do you stand out from the crowd? So if you’re talking about your latest product and there are tips on best practice, link to them. Is there an instructional video? Link to that. It’s not just about linking things it’s about how can YOU stand out? Continue to think outside the box. What you really want it a viral post, either with your blog or social media which you can’t ever guarantee but if you are creating great content, writing a catchy headline and constantly promoting then you’ve more of a chance of seeing it happen.


Search engine optimisation should be totally in your mind when it comes to your website. There are plenty of articles on SEO online, including this guide (but it isn’t a quick read) so get your site optimised! Even small sites need good SEO to get increased hits and visibility so don’t put it on the backburner, get your head around sorting out good SEO.


You need your website to look good… no¬†– ¬†seriously you do! Great design can really encourage trust in your business; sometimes there can be bad choices to begin with but it’s good to avoid stale content; being too clever or using bad images. Here’s a website that especially highlights the worst the web has to offer.

And if you need help, find yourself a good graphic designer who specialises in web building and get yourself looking great and responding great.


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