The Language of the Body

Consciously or not we are affected by body language and it can help or hinder when we network. First impressions are key and you will be sized up very quickly.

So how can we be ‘better’ when it comes to body language while we network?

A very simple way is to achieve this is to be more interested in the people around than by trying to be interesting. Be actively listening to those you’re meeting, become engaged in the conversation and think about your facial expressions. If you look bored people are definitely not going to warm to you!

What this comes down to is preferring others around you rather than considering yourself the most important person in the room. By showing interest in others, choosing to listen to them and responding appropriately you can make a good impression on people. While it can be a good thing personally that you aren’t too bothered by what people think about you, a good reputation is important and will endear you to people beyond those you’ve met.

Some people believe the power pose (popularised by superheroes like Wonder Woman or Superman) is a strong position that strikes confidence. We’d suggest unless you are wearing a cape then maybe you should leave those poses for photos at comic-con! How about just trying to be your best self rather than trying too hard.

Try to remember these things:

  • Don’t hunch over
  • Unfold your arms
  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Listen more
  • Don’t look around the room
  • Be interested
  • Stand an appropriate distance from someone

However, don’t worry yourself if this seems like a lot. The best thing to do is form habits that will naturally see these things happen in your networking. Just think: how would you like people to react to you?


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