Giving Back

Making money alone just won’t cut it in 2018 for your customers as increasingly people feel that companies should give back to their communities. The experience that a business brings to the customer is just as important as the product, customer service being of vital importance.

Young clients, for example, are feeling the ‘give back’ mentality more as the market research company Morning Consult discovered in 2016 that two-thirds of millennials consider giving back to the community of high importance.

Some businesses regularly get involved in local charity fundraisers like triathlons and this can be beneficial of so many levels for your business. Using the example of the triathlons, not only do people have to train and so get fitter but people can pull together causing stronger bonds between colleagues. The morale boost is great as some firms found their employees working harder as a result of their shared experiences.

However, if your only goal is so your company looks better in front of your customers or for team building you might’ve missed the point. There are genuinely needy people all over the world and probably in your community, where a lot of your customers are coming from. Get your heart on your sleeve and find a charity that you are passionate about to rally your troops around.

Have a look and see what events are going on in our town, sometimes we will promote a charity event through the Newton Chamber Events Section, sign up to the next golfing tournament or three-legged race!

Alternatively, Newton Abbot isn’t short of charities and any one of them could use more financial support or promotion; why not have a search online and see if anything feels like you and your business can champion it.

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