Move That Business Forward

Sorry lazy people, your successful company won’t do if you rest of your laurels because the business world is ever changing and growing which means you need to constantly move too. This will include your brand, so here are some thoughts to help you keep ahead with your business.

A Strong Brand

We’ve talked a lot about ‘who’ you are but this needs to be a strength with people asking easily answering the question of ‘who is your business.’ This includes:

  • The Why
    Ask yourself: what’s your message and does your brand speak of this?
  • The Past
    Where you’ve come from is lessons you’ve learnt, battles you’ve fought and the journey you’re on don’t forget, only look back to gain energy for the future.
  • Your Market
    Make your space your own, your products should reflect you and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Their Experience
    This will be your customer service and what your client raves about behind your back.
  • The Edge
    What’s your angle and how are you different from your competitors?

When the Customer Isn’t Always Right

Feedback is good and can really help you but customers aren’t innovators, the outside-the-box thinking comes from within when feedback will only ever really be about what has been.

Consider how you can take your products to the next level. Dream big.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • To take your business to the next level, what will take you there?
  • To be successful who do you need on your team (whether they be partner or employee)?
  • To reach your goals what habit or thought-processes do you need to adopt to reach your target audience?

A Humble Culture

An education is great but humility is better, people who are willing to work as a team and are teachable. When putting your team together find the people with the right attitude who can develop your business.

Taking Ownership

Those who are given a job should be the ones responsible for making sure that task is completed. Keeping accountable can be mildly painful but seeing the results are worth it for the progress.

Culture of Challenge

Innovation doesn’t come sycophantic behaviour, it comes from challenge and a free space to voice opinions. One person’s idea is very likely to be improved with scrutiny and other’s input.


Don’t be obvious with every move you make: it creates interest in you, your brand and keeps your competitors in the dark about where your next move is going to be. Keep the upper hand by staying fresh.

Motivate Your Team

Give your employees autonomy over their projects, don’t micromanage them (without cause) as it makes people feel untrustworthy. Encourage your team to get better at what they do with training and allowing them to ‘positively fail.’ Also, make sure each person in your team knows their value and what they bring to the table.


Keep moving forward! There are some things that should never change in your business: your purpose and your values but don’t stay where you were because of comfort. Some things just need to die, so don’t get precious about how you used to do things and embraced the future.

Actually ‘Do’ Your Ideas

Ideas are great but if they just stay as ideas then there’s no point of even having them; the better brands are the ones who execute their ideas – not how great those ideas are.

Here’s a process that can see idea become reality:

  • Write down your ideas
  • Evaluate then expand on them
  • What ideas actually fit your goals
  • Compare with current trends
  • Strategize with people you trust
  • Dish out the tasks

And Finally…

A dangerous place for a business is to be mediocre and with enough treading water constantly you will feel it harder to jump into something new and fresh, it can become a vicious cycle. So what are you going to do to keep your business fresh, relevant and on the forefront

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