When It’s No Win

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that there are no-win scenarios that we just can’t avoid but did you know that although there might be situations where your desired result is left lacking, there might be an alternative route to a good ending.

Your goal might be set in your mind and it may seem like you’re going to completely lose but while there are always lessons you can learn from everything you’re trying to achieve, you might be able to ‘win’ something along the way.

There isn’t just one outcome from trying to win a client or achieve one goal.

Many years ago when I was a child, I was learning to play to keyboard and the cello: the problem with learning the cello (and this was slightly before the internet became an amazing and helpful tool) was that the group of us who were learning didn’t have any at all and they had to be ordered from Europe, meaning it would take many, many weeks for them to arrive for us to actually play them.

So the teacher had a class of around 6 students all willing and wanting to play the cello and nothing to play on! The teacher then thought it would be good for us to learn more about music theory to prepare us for the arrival of our instruments. As a very young kid it didn’t take long for that to become very tedious as I wanted to get on to the actual playing – that was my goal and not playing them was very frustrating. We learnt about clefts, timing, rests, quavers (not the crips) and other music theory-related things. Now, what happened is that shortly before the cellos actually arrived… I quit and so never actually got the chance to play on them (don’t worry as they were going to be owned by the school, I didn’t waste my parents’ money… not that way anyway).

You might think this is more a story of quitting than losing, but my childish frustration lasted long enough for me to have a great knowledge of music that made it possible for me to pick up instruments and be able to play them to a semi-decent level. The point being: when the goal was missed, what I learnt along the way saw an unexpected benefit.

How many times have you gone after a particular client or job and lost out; another friend of mine was up for a position in a retail position which he, in the end, didn’t get but managed to get a larger contract because he impressed the managers so much.

When you come to your no-win situations, reconsider your attitude to your goal not being met and see what you learnt along the way or even way you achieved regardless of the outcome.

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