Happy Blogmass

It’s eleven days until Christmas day 2018 and you’re sitting around wondering what you could blog about for the end of the year. Here are some ideas for you:”

“…Let Men Their Songs Employ…”

Some people like a “best of” CD rather than all those CDs are some people are purists and like their studio albums: this analogy is disappearing quickly… ¬†what is good for and your blog regardless of how you like your music is to reflect on your best bits during the year.

Go through your highlights and put them all together in one blog: the good bits about your business and what’s happened in the life of your employees and colleagues. Celebrate your year.

“…Let Every Heart Prepare…”

The future is bright and so you should like your clients know: what things are changing for you and your business that might affect your customers.

Build anticipation and say what you’re looking forward to; expand on the possibilities like offers or new products, a new year is a great way to bring something fresh to the table.

“…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…”

It’s not a secret that it’s Christmas time, so why not join in the conversation and keep it Christmas themed?

Christmas can run through your brand just as easily as non-festive times of the year. Think outside the box and draw people in with a seasonal blog post.

There might even be some Christmas offers you want your readers to know about; Christmas opening hours and when they can get their last order in.

“…And Goodwill to all Men…”

As we’ve said before in earlier blogs, it’s not about ‘sell-sell-sell’ but people want an experience, something they can shout about and tell others how you made them feel.

Let others know about your charity work, the fundraisers you do; how you’re dressing up as elves for Christmas or the voluntary work you’re doing to make others’ lives better. Show your humanity and connect people to your humanity.

“…Come, All Ye Faithful…”

Maybe review your most popular posts (these can be applied to your social media too) and highlight these, linking through to the original posts and getting your readers interested in your previous work.

“…Bearing gifts we Traverse Afar…”

Not everyone will be able to do this but a ‘Gift Guide’ might be helpful for some of you to connect with your customers; let them know the products and services you offer that could inspire people for their gift buying.

Alternatively if you’re the sort of business that can offer, why not do a little research and find things that maybe your referrals could offer?

…The Soul Felt it’s Worth…”

Appreciating people never hurt anyone so why not talk about what you and your clients have achieved this year and celebrate it?

As well as making people feel good about the work you’ve done, you open up the experience to others to see what work you can do (and maybe even your client), potentially reaching more people with your services and products.

“…Joy to the World…”

Maybe not quite like the Queen… but a Christmas message (while obvious) is a nice way to end the year, thanking your customers and letting them know when you’re open over the festive period.

As video is becoming the medium of choice across social media, why not upgrade your message to something visual?

Regardless of what you blog about, don’t forget to wish people a happy Christmas, a relaxing time to spend with family and friends – a time to unwind from the year and enjoy yourself.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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