Effective Habits

Doing things habitually can lead you in so many directions. Simply put good habits are good and bad habits… aren’t…

Those who are successful in business are people who are habitual in certain areas of their lives that feed how effective they are in business.

Here’s a short list of ideas of habits that you could implement in your daily business life:

1. Risk it for a Biscuit

If it doesn’t cost you anything then it isn’t worth anything. For a lot of actions in life, you won’t know the outcome until you actually try. Risks can be hard because failure might have a consequence you didn’t forsee or an attempt might cost you something.

Failure is seen the ‘end’ of a situation but when you see failing as a learning curve then you can take something from every sitiation good or bad.

2. Comfort Zone

Complacency isn’t for those wishing to grow, it’s time to get out of that comfort zone and stretch a little. If you rest on past successed without moving on then you won’t see growth. Challenge yourself with something new and possibly scary on a regular basis.

3. Choose Belief

If you doubt yourself you’ll do things that reinforces your belief. Succeess is visualised before it is realised.

Sometimes you need to forget how you feel and choose to believe in yourself and in your succeess. Check your goals and aim for them without that negative voice nagging you.

4. Feed the Good

The company you choose effects your mood. Surround yourself with the right people who are going to encourage you and bring out the best qualities in you.

If you can, find successful people and spend time with them – let their attitude becomes yours. Cut down your exposure to negativity.

5. Focus

Picturing the outcome is a strong part of success. Positively visualise the result that you’re working towards. Keep that vision clear!

6. Move!

Don’t let a day go by without moving your business forward in some way; let advancement be your goal. You can plan all you like but actionless activity won’t make any difference at all. Don’t let your idea stay as an idea but getting moving and make it a reality.

7. Energy Management

Time is a constant with everyone, it’s the same passage of time so let’s think more about your energy. Levels of energy aren’t a constant and can differ vastly between people.

By planning your day around your energy levels you can make sure that when you dip, you can sort out the easier jobs so that you become more effective in your working day.

8. Mistakes are Learning Points

Everyone makes mistakes so the thing to focus on is that you learn from those mistakes rather than dwelling on them. As before when you ‘fail’ to learn something new so nothing ever really becomes failure.

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