”I’m Busy”

Stop saying you’re busy (straight to the point) because ‘busy’ has now become some kind of status symbol that some wear with pride while it’s an easy excuse for others.

Sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Let’s look at it because being busy isn’t necessarily a good thing: it just means that the time we have is being filled and might not be the most productive you can be. We do this with both our professional and personal lives.

We all want ‘more time’ to be able to do stuff but did you know if you are expecting free time to fall out of the air into your lap then you’ll be waiting forever. We all have the same amount of time, so it becomes about how effective you’re using your time. The key is to prioritize what’s important.

If you’re a person who seems to be constantly busy and tell people you are, stop yourself and think why you’re saying you’re busy.

Looking at what high-achievers do to stay focussed is important not only for getting the work done, but also for your own health:

  1. Understand that time doesn’t appear out of nowhere and will always be fixed. Nothing you can do will change that
  2. Look at the work you’ve got to do and sperate the urgent from the important; there can be a great difference
  3. Your main priorities need to be in line with your core purposes or values. The things that aren’t aligning need reconsidering
  4. The time you have isn’t there to be booked out: that’s not the point of time. Know that resting is important and factor in time and be strict with it
  5. Be aware and identify the things you should stop doing. Then stop doing them
  6. Be discriminatory about the people you spend your time and energy to. Some will be of benefit and some will suck you dry

Effective leaders are good at recording, managing and consolidating their time making them accountable about what they are doing. By being more like this we’d be more productive and happier as we sort out the important things without aiming to fill our time with ‘stuff’.

Important tasks sometimes fall by the wayside and we should take responsibility for these and that a choice has been made on less important tasks rather. When you look at it from this perspective, ‘not having enough time’ is a poor excuse.

Get honest and get accountable and get better with your time and see an effective change.

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