Stay Motivated, Part 1

We can all face periods where we lack motivation and we need inspiration, sometimes we need an extra boost in a challenging workplace.

Here are a list of various tips that can be used in all areas of the workplace that may be of some help to improve your motivation.


Employee motivation can be increased with greater morale, which is boosted with recognition of great work. When good work isn’t recognised, there is a feeling that employees are taken for granted. If you want to see continued great work then identify it and commend the worker.


Whereas long projects with no end in sight can be very demoralising, small victories feel like you’re achieving something and that the work you’re doing is making a difference. Setting goals that are achievable can really improve the motivation to get to the next stage.


Celebrating those goals are also a greater way to motivate your team. Don’t just tell people they’re doing a ‘good job’ but be specific in how they are being celebrated. Identify how these victories are effecting the business positively.


Did you know that it gives your company a competitive edge to have happier employees? While you can’t control happiness (and wouldn’t that be lovely?) you can give your staff positive and happier experiences. It sounds a little strange but a happier working enviornment can lead to over a 30% rise in productivity.


Busy lives can sometimes lead to an unhealthy lifestyle where people aren’t eating and drinking correctly (a lot of people miss breakfast and this isn’t a great way to keep motivated and sustained throughout the day). An easy idea is to keep some healthy snacks around the place so that you can stay fuelled. Your staff’s health is really important and should be encouraged.

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