Stay Motivated, Part 2

Motivation can be hard with all the distractions of the modern world, the connectivity we have no needs to be appreciated (remember dial-up and that painful sound?)

Arguably what we have now in the way of technology is a mixed-blessing where we have incredibly powerful tools that are way more powerful than what put Neil Armstrong on the moon, which we use to look at pictures of cats… easy distractions. That being said, let’s look at more of the list of how to stay motivated.


Burning out is a real thing, you literally can’t keep going productively if you are out of fuel (Cars don’t get far without petrol/diesil). Take regular breaks to assess and recharge, your work and your health both benefits. Grab some fresh air, don’t sit all day either and take a little walk; just ‘working’ isn’t the goal – aim for working well.


A healthy workforce is a stronger workforce and recognising that good work comes from healthy people is key. Ever considered that if someone has a flu-like bug and gives it to the office then the whole office becomes un-motivated and productivity drops. People need room to be their best and to give their best.

The Big Picture

Does your team each know how their part becomes part of the overall picture? Of course recognising each accomplishment is very important but letting your team know and their contributions are a part of something which is greater can really help a sense of pride in their work. Don’t let anyone become disengaged from their role.


Trust is such a key element of any kind of relationship and so being trasparent with people will foster trust, and when you know you are trusted then you become valued and if you’re valued then being motivated becomes easier.


The goals that you set really need to start with transparency and end with clarity. When there are clear goals set with a fostered trust through being tranparent then people not only are aware of their responsibities without confusion. Keep it clear and people will know their part.

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