Stay Motivated, Part 3

How’s your day going? Have you been able to action for your emails and put out all those fires? Is it getting harder to focus and you’re telling yourself ‘3 more hours…’ ‘2 more hours…’

See It!

A simple mind exercise to move forward (and all walks of professionals do this) is to see in your minds eye the end-goal. Couple this with a clear objective and half the battle is won. Let your team in on the final objective and celebrate moving closer to that objective.

“Unless you see it before you see it you’ll never see it.”


Having a purpose is vital to motivation: like the reason for getting up in the morning or what you’re doing with yourself has a reason is a strong part of keeping your focus and staying on task.

What you’re doing can’t just be to ‘make money’ – identify the impact your work is doing and identify it in your employees to and let them know what difference they are making.

Minimise the Mirco-Management

Generally people don’t like their bosses breathing over their shoulder and autonomy in their jobs might be the very thing they need to have that boost of motivation. Obviously jobs have a deadline, but what if your staff were given the freedom to meet that deadline on their own terms.


People like to feel secure in their lives and if people feel on edge over their jobs, their work and attitudes towards work will come from a place of fear rather than a creative and secure foundation. Giving people a security that they are valued and safe in their job gives them the motivation to stretch their potential.

Body Language

We’ve covered body language more thoroughly at networking here but it goes beyond a simple openess. Some say it can even improve your mood and how you interact with others. Maybe think about how others hold themselves around the office and ask yourself what it makes you feel.

We’ll finish off with another 5 tips next week.

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