Keeping Your Web-Audience

The website is a key weapon is your arsenal and one that you can spend lots of time, energy and effort in developing to reach your customers. You want them to stay captured and focused on what you’re selling and that they can be confident that you are the answer to their problems (the ones that your business can fix of course).

Attention spans as they are, you need to make sure they aren’t quickly diving onto your website and jumping straight off; they won’t learn about your business that way so you need to keep their attention. Here are some ideas to try.


Your web visitors are there because they are trying to see if you can solve their problem, so don’t make it hard for them to know what you’re about. Keep your prime message front and centre, otherwise you’ll lose your potential client to another company.

Keep it simple and keep it clear, don’t let people get confused in the slightly about you and what you do.

Write Stuff Better

Communication is key, so don’t fill your website with jargon that is incomprehensible. Write short, sharp and cleverly written pieces that simply and effectively say what you mean.

Keep paragraphs to around four lines maximum and be concise in your calls to action.


For people to want to use your services, they’ll want to be confident that you have all the information they need. Create meaningful content what can inform and educate your audience: blog posts that have great content and actionable steps don’t just encourage your readers to use you, but also boosts your website SEO.


Structuring your site from a storyteller’s perspective: have a beginning, a middle and end: begin with the prospect’s problem, take them through on how you would solve their issue with the end being their conversion to a customer.

If this storyteller idea is implemented correctly, you’ll meet the customer at their problem with the next place they would go is how you can solve it ending with you seeing them becoming a client.

Get Smart

Your calls to action need to drive your prospect to conversion: add value to them having something that will achieve that. Link something topical to your call to action: can someone call to talk you through your issue? Can we send a relevant blog to your problem? Think outside the box.


As well as all the ‘good stuff’ from the front of the website, making sure everything works smoothly with general functionality keeps people on your site. Frustratingly long load times and broken links will only turn people away.

Don’t forget the ‘mobile view’ as so many people visit sites on their smartphones so that every kind of customer can be catered for through how they view your site.

The longer you keep your prospect on your site the more chance you have at seeing them convert to a customer.

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