Make Your Phone Work for You

There’s a wonderful thought about talking to someone from fifty years ago explaining to them that we have the power of a vast super-computer that we carry around with us that contains the collective knowledge of the human race… and we use it to look at pictures of cats.

Joking aside though, are you utilising your smartphone to its full potential? Probably not, even if you’re using some of the programmes on this list – but your phone has got access to some pretty amazing apps that could help you with your small business.

Note: not all of these apps have been tested by the committee of Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce, for the full list and deeper reviews read the full report on Nerdwallet. Not all of these are going to help you with your business but it’s worth looking at all the tools that are available to you.


Accounting software Wave is aimed at small businesses and let’s you track and manage all your finanical dealings in one handy place.

Available on Mac and PCs with a scanning capability on the mobile app for recipts.


A great file sharing and instant messaging service, sharing projects and messages internally without filling up your email inbox.

When you use Slack between desktop computers and your mobile, can really speed up your work and communication.


Skype may sound obvious, but with the multitude of videoconferencing apps and programmes available it is still the overall leader.

25 people can be together on one call as well as file sharing and Amazon Alexa compatibility.


A great app that tracks your time on the apps and websites and gives you reports on your activity.

It can alert you to how much time you should be using to keep you focused and works across a lot of operating systems. See RescueTime here.


A payment app that made PayPal shake in their boots!

A small card reader attached to your phone turns it into a convenient way to take payments. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.


A great way to improve collaboration and communication is to use the Asana app which is both web-based and mobile friendly.

Keep up with projects, jobs, notes, file and integrates with both Google Drive and Dropbox. Connect to Slack (see above) for instant messaging and you’re flying!

There are plenty of other apps you can explore. The real message here: keep looking for better ways to improve your business by investigating the tools available to you.

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