Are You Referrable?

This might sound a little provocative but it’s a very good question that might be worth asking yourself every now and again.

When you get a referral, one of the considerations that needs to be taken is that the person who refers you is staking their reputation on what products or services you can provide. A good referal also makes your referee look good but equally a bad impression can also reflect poorly on those referring you.

Imagine you have other professionals that are expecting referrals to their business, think about those who you would and those you won’t and the reasons why you wouldn’t. Do the same for yourself and consider what improvements you might need to make.

Here are some thoughts:

Dressing the Part

First impressions can often start with how you are dressed: do you look the part of a professional in your field and ready to do business? You might have a great portfolio and have a great reputation but without that professional outlook, it might not be enough.

Need help? Have a look at this blog by the Balance Careers website for some ideas – it’s ok also to ask for help: if no one has ever said, how will you know?

Acting the Part

No, we’re not saying that you should fake it at all. Be the expert in your field so that you will be the one adding value to those who need your service.

It’s sounds simple but know what you’re talking about; become that go to person so that people listen and those can safely refer others to you because they know you know.

Speak Well

Although being eloquent and articulate are both important qualities, speaking in the positive is a great attribute that people will pick up on.

Why not buck the trend and rather than tearing others down to build yourself up, you are complimentary and have the reputation of being that ‘up’ person.

These are only some brief ideas but if you aren’t getting referrals then honestly not only ask yourself, but ask someone you trust the same question. When you do, make sure they give an honest answer but get them to help you. It’s no problem asking for help to get yourself better.

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