Efficiently Working from Home

Not all work needs to be done in the office and working from home can be a great advantage – no travel time, wake up when you want to and have your own space to breathe. You might be the boss or a freelancer so working from home can be a very viable option.

While there are great things to be said about working from home, there are also clear obstacles that need to be overcome: the distractions that come from your family, your pets and other things that crop up when you’re home. It’s not unreasonable though to say thast working from home can be productive.

There are some ideas on how to get efficient at home:

Your Best Hours

Arguably, the best part of working from home is that you can work around when you want to. We are all different people and all have different parts of the day when we’re more productive so why not work then? You know you better than anyone else so find out when you are most productive and work!

Don’t feel the pressure to ‘wake up and go’ – give yourself space to get your mind in gear so you can get going properly. You may feel that exercise and eating a hearty breakfast will set you up better… so do it.

Find your the rhythm that’s best for you.

Dress for Success

…and of course that means something different for all of us. If you feel TOO comfortable in your sleep wear and that’s going to keep you sleep, then don’t wear it.

If you feel more casual clothing makes you relax into your work (as opposed relax from it) then you’ve got that option. Again, find what works for you and apply it.

Pick a Place

It can be very tempting to just throw yourself on the sofa with your laptop and get on with it; it’s probably NOT the most productive you can be.

Find the spot where you’re going to be the most productive, whether that be the kitchen table, the desk in your study or maybe even somewhere a little out of the box; the physical space where you work can make a great difference.

Removing the Distractions

Although our coworkers are amazing (we know they are), sometimes they can be distracting and that’s a great advantage of working from home. Your family can take the place of the distracting coworkers, your pets could crawl over your lap and without others keeping you to account, streaming services will be earning their subscriptions.

There are no easy solutions to moving these things out of your focus but finding ways to stay on task while at home can be quite a task in itself.

Whatever you need to do, go for it so you can achieve greatness.


Setting goals for the day is an absolute must. Not only can you easily feel accomplished when ticking off the list as you go but you can find out how productive you are being and work how to get more efficient.


As we’ve seen before, a positive environment can change the quality of the work one produces. When it comes to your home, you feel a different level of comfort than you do in the office.

The best advice is to take advantage of the comfort environment without abusing it and seeing our work comings from a relaxed place rather than a potentially confining pressured place.

Being Social… (No really)

Having colleagues can be such a motivation to your work, gaining valuable info from those with experience and sharing in a joke. Obviously it can be easy to be distracted with those things but they are also good for morale, growth and support.

Being at home can partially eliminate these things, so maybe give someone a call during your breaks or the office to get information or perspective on a job you’re working on. While social media isn’t the answer (because we all know it is a vast time drain), keeping oneself seperated from everyone won’t help.


That commute. Didn’t happen.
You’re in jeans and t-shirt. You’re comfortable.
Appreciate that working from home has given you more time, a relaxed atmosphere and it’s a priviledge to work for your company.

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