Creativity in Small Business

Did you realise that if you are in a small business you actually have more creative freedom than larger, firmly established bigger brands?

Your brand personality has more character and quirkiness that sits alongside your professionalism that bigger companies can enjoy now. The restrictions that corportate identity has on these larger businesses can cause them to be envious of your freedom.

How So?

Time is a huge contributing factor to your advantage. Unlike the massive hiercharcy that needs to be navigated through different departments, approval for changes and ideas can be quicker and implemented sooner.

It can be frustrating (and you learn patience) for those wanting to hear an answer from the multitudes of people who need go through. Within reason, you can give your idea a go almost straight away.

Less Hurdles

As a small business, you probably don’t have a creative team who will be dissecting everything, diluting your brand to be more appealing than actually reaching your audience.

The beauty of the small business is that you can custom your brand semi-constantly to reach your actual customers. It’s always important to remember that the relationship with your customers is going to be more intimate than larger coroporations.

Company involvement can be greater too: you can include your team in your creative decisions, keeping your tight team feeling like they are part of something together.

Rough and Ready

Those companies who have the money to get their advertising on massive billboards ready should have the slick programmes (that in themselves cost a lot) so they can get every millimetre right for their advertising campaign.

Smaller companies don’t always have access to the software so don’t be afraid to have rough edges (obviously do your best) but your roughness might just be attractive and real to your customers.

Don’t Be Afraid

Creativity really shows your humanity and will make you attractive to people who will recognise that you’re real and on their level. Change can be quick and that connectivity to your customers will be really appealing.

Don’t be afraid to take risks but also begin to think outside the box to see how this advantage can be of benefit to you and your customers.

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