The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.


It’s the thing we all want (and really ‘need’) to get right isn’t it? There’s so much in life trying to grab your attention; so much that is important. We’ve said before that important doesn’t always equate to urgent.

Here’s an important thing to know though: the people of your life determine the quality of your life. If life worked like that you could only have ten people in your life; you’d be more selective with those ten people than you would in your normal life.

We’d encourage you to be more selective of the people in your life: was there someone that by not being in your life has helped you to realise their influence created a toxicity you could’ve done without?

Some psychologists say that if they come easily to mind then that chaos and negativity is still effecting you! If you want to cultivate the best life then you need to avoid these kind of people in the future; it’s about getting more selective and rigorous in who you let ‘in’.

The Club

If your life was a club and the atmosphere was determined by the people in the club, who would you let in? Do you want your life to be full of negative influences, toxic attitudes and unproductivity? Firstly you need to determine what values you are going to let into your ‘club’ and become strict on whether those in your life are contributing to the positive or encouraging the negative in your life.

Sometimes you can’t escape these people so begin to plan a ‘disentanglement’ from them; if you don’t want to cause issues then slowly but surely pay them less attention.


The reverse is also very key: the people we have in our lives influence us, even in small ways. Just by spending time with the right people you can pick up their good habits (just like by spending time with the wrong people produces those bad habits).

Call it ‘unintentional mentoring’ but you’ll see character traits that are attractive (which is why they’re catching your attention in the first place); so get alongside them and get them in your life.

Get yourself out to networking events and see who’s there; get to know people and find out who could be your ‘new best friend’, become malleable to adopting new attitudes as the people around you influence you.

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