Networking for Small Businesses

With smaller businesses, as with larger businesses, networking is important in growing contacts and your business. However, talking to as many different people as you can might not be the best way to go about it. Focusing on making connections that are strategic and informed will benefit you will greatly bolster your growing business. Never […]

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My Best Salesman is Sitting in my Pocket…

In my pocket, I always carry one of my business cards, and my business cards do a great job of attracting people to my company and standing out in the crowd…Do yours? Many people I speak to overlook the value of having a professional business card that positively portrays their brand image, yet this small piece […]

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Two New Economic Grant Packages within Teignbridge are OPEN FOR BUSINESS

        Sponsored by Teignbridge District Council and South Hams District Council, and administered through The Diverse Regeneration Company CIC, two new economic development grant packages have opened in South Devon Promoting the prosperity of the South Devon Coastal and Greater Dartmoor areas, the two schemes are able to invest in economic, environmental […]

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If You’re Not Innovating You’re Dying!

More and more it appears true that the only way businesses today, whether large or small, are going to survive and thrive is through accelerated innovating.  Take your business, even if you’re an independent professional or small firm, you need to stay on the leading edge, or ultimately you won’t be here for very long. […]

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How to become a Master Networker Part 2

Second part of a list of 10 traits you can adopt and people will be knocking down your door trying to do business with you.
Co-Authored by Dr Ivan Misner & Niiraj R Shah

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