Tessfit brings a completely fresh approach to fitness, exercise and nutrition in Newton Abbot. A local business that offers a wide range of fitness classes suitable for the young, the old, the fit, the unfit and everything in-between. Nutrition and weight management courses are available to help those in need escape from a lifetime of dieting. Personal Training away from the gym. Opening up a huge choice of what can be delivered either indoors or outside. I believe in making sure every session with me is enjoyable with an element of fun. Each session is carefully planned and delivered by me.

About Us

I studied the mechanics of exercise versus shape and began to understand why so many people who have exercise routines that sometimes seem excessive, never see a change in their shape. Phrases such as “Eat less, move more” could give you an image of diets and high intensity cardio workouts, whereas the reality is, swap a few things in your diet and walking instead of driving would certainly be a great start. With that in mind Tessfit was born! As soon as I qualified as a fitness instructor I devised and started delivering classes which I christened, Body Logic. This name best describes the focus that I use when preparing every class. Life is too short to be working hard for little result! I prefer to ensure that each exercise is working on your shape in the most efficient way without causing distress to joints or blood pressure. Qualifying as a Circuits and Kettlebell Instructor has enabled me to incorporate small circuits and kettlebell exercises, which cause all sorts of grunts and giggles! I have also studied the Pilates method which is fascinating, in part because the advanced exercises are nearly impossible! I realised quickly that perfection in this would take more dedication and time than I had, so again I needed a logical approach to best deliver this style of class. With that in mind PilaTess was born! These classes are for those who want to achieve better balance, great core strength and stability but still get that energy from good music and motivational workouts. Young at Heart Classes are populated by a huge mix of abilities both fitness and mobility wise. Everyone is catered for in a sociable and friendly classes. Personal Training: I like to take the ‘personal’ very seriously and deliver sessions in people homes, gardens or wherever they wish to train. How hard we train will depend on the client’s goals. Simple. The Diploma I gained in Nutrition and Weight Management is probably the qualification I found the most satisfying. After years of confusion it was comforting to understand that common sense really is the answer! I thoroughly enjoy imparting this and many other important pieces of information to anyone who wants to unravel the mysteries of this complex subject. Every client has a different life so I make sure the support and advice I give fits in with that life. The phrase ‘people person’ sums me up and this fortunate asset has enabled me to follow my dreams.


1. Fitness Classes
2. Pilates
3. Senior Fitness classes
4. Personal Training
5. Nutrition & weight management advice/courses



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