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Investigations – Criminal/Civil/Disciplinary. Surveillance – internal (offices/shops/warehouses etc) External – Town/Country/rural Tracing people (debtors/marital/missing) Statement taking (solicitors/insurance companies) Process serving (solicitors/individuals/other agencies)

About Us

I am a retired Police Fraud Squad Detective who now employs his experience in providing expert investigations into Theft and Fraud in shops and businesses. This entails the use of covert cameras and other forms of surveillance. I also work on other investigations for solicitors and insurance companies using the same techniques as in the investigation of Theft and Fraud. I am able to complete ‘Traces’ on persons who are attempting to evade debt/court/solicitor service of documents or just missing persons. I offer a Process Service – the serving of legal documents on individuals.


1. Investigations
2. Surveillance
3. Traces
4. Statement taking


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